Interview With 16 yo Rock Hopper Pete Morris

+10 Tips to Become A Better Spearo

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Pete Morris (a regular listener of the Noob Spearo Podcast) joins us from the South Coast of New South Wales to share about his experience’s with rock hopping. His personal experience’s with the dangers of spearfishing from rocky surf beaches were by turns alarming and amusing. In one of his stories we hear about what its like to cop a hand spear in the leg! We also discuss dive planning, negotiating difficult entry and exit points, developing conditional awareness and finding good dive buddies. If you want to learn more about shore dive spearfishing then check out our 2 part guide here. After a quick chat with Pete we get into 10 Tips To Become A Better Spearo (starts at the 25 minute mark).

Pete Morris ADF Cadet

Pete Morris is also an ADF Cadet

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Pete Morris’s Fast Five Facts For Noobs

  1. Dont do the ‘She’ll be right’ thing
  2. Always have a good dive buddy
  3. Dont rely on other peoples taste – experience fish for yourself
  4. Learn about your target area species
  5. Have fun!


For fast navigation through Pete’s interview + 10 Tips to Become a Spearo, here are some major moments…

2:00 Pete Morris Background, NSW South Coast Bullseye. Flathead, Mowies, Crays, Bastard Trumpeter, Kingfish and the odd Snapper. Obstacles include finding buddies and using Facebook to find others to go spearfishing with.

5:00 2.4KG Snapper, 14m Vis, dead flat, Yellowtail Kingfish frame for burley. The sleeping snapper. Ghosting the burley, laying a bait and coming back to re-investigate later.

8:00 Scary Moment Shore Diving self spear moment with a pranger. 3 prongs in the leg and unable to fit into the ambulance. Having a surf life guard grind the head off the spear was certainly a memorable experience.

13:00 Veterans Vault Shore Dive deep dive with 16 y/o Pete Morris. Swell, tides and conditions awareness.

18:00 Whats in Petes Divebag? Use the Code NOOBSPEARO to save $20 on all purchases over $200 at www.spearfishing.com.au

21:00 Fast 5 Facts For Noobs

25:00 10 Tips To Become A Better Spearo

Listen in as we deliver 10 Tips to become a better spearo. We have information and tips from guests coupled with our own experiences that will help to make you a better spearo. From why you should consider doing a freediving course to why its worth serving out your 15m float line (rig-line) apprenticeship.

For more information on shore diving check out our series on shore dive spearfishing here.

We also recorded a 101 Guide to Shore Dive Spearfishing Interview here.

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