Top 20 Spearfishing YouTube Channels

Today’s live interview is with James Sakker and we go through the top 20 spearfishing YouTube channels as voted by the Noob Spearo Community on Facebook! Spearos get to see the world through a very unique lense and sometimes they bring a camera along with them so we can join them on their adventures. Although hugely underrated and underexposed, these spearos have made some amazing videos, some that can compete with professional filmmakers! So here is us getting all these names together so you can watch them!

Today’s episode is a full video, so be sure to check it out on YouTube if you have only listened!

The Top 20 Spearfishing YouTube Channels

  1. Daniel Mann
  2. Back2Basics 
  3. Aquatic Rehab 
  4. Wet Mammal
  5. Young Bloods
  6. Ryan Myers Expeditions
  7. Submerged Psychos 
  8. Ollie Craig
  9. Harry Lindley
  10. 10. Sailing Popao
  11. Key West Waterman
  12. David Ochoa
  13. Coatesman
  14. Exhale Adventures
  15. Kimi Werner
  16. Joe PK
  17. EJC Adventures with Ethan Yeo
  18. African Spearfishing Diaries
  19. Rokkit Kit
  20. Wettie TV


Honourable Mentions

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