99 tips to get better at spearfishing is going to print! That’s right we are making a fully illustrated version of our book and we are giving you a chance to be a part of it. What we need are great photos to go in the book on a range of topics. All you have to do is check the list below, go through your archives or get creative and email me, turbo@noobspearo with your pics. In return if your pics are selected to go in the book you’ll be featured in the book with full photo credit, go on our “thankyou page” and score yourself a free copy hot off the press.

So here’s the list and don’t be afraid to get creative!

  1. NZ Boarfish
  2. Dusting or scratching, A picture of a diver throwing up sand or making noise with rocks underwater
  3. Newspaper Burley, A picture displaying newspaper being shredded in the water column as burly
  4. Flashers, Picture of a flasher and/or a flasher being used in the water
  5. Burley, anything burly, burly bags, burly drifting through the water column, cutting up burly
  6. Leg cramp fin stretch, a diver holding their fin and relieving cramp.
  7. Equalising, A diver pinching their nose on descent
  8. Spearfishing club event
  9. freedive stretching and breathing
  10. Winding on the line of a gun reel, neat vs messy
  11. Good and bad shot placement, head shot, holding shot etc
  12. First aid kit
  13. Floatlines, Diver underwater using a floatline, tangled floatline
  14. Gun, floatline, float set up
  15. Fish in ice slurry
  16. Iki jime, dive knife in the brain of the fish
  17. Pole spear, using a pole spear
  18. go pro, thumbs up thumbs down
  19. shore diving entry and exit points
  20. Stealthy hunting techniques/muffling noise on the gun etc
  21. diver hunting on the bottom
  22. Landmark alignment. Aligning 2 or more points in line from the water
  23. Approaching fish in bluewater
  24. Bluewater teamwork, ie one on the gun, one on the flasher etc.
  25. A boatie

So that’s the list. If you think you can help us out send in your pics. We can’t wait to see them! Submissions will close on the 04/03/2017.

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