Interview with Aaron Edmonds

I recorded this interview live on a recent Patron Funded trip to South Australia. I stopped off on the way back to Melbourne in Portland, Victoria and got to chat to Aaron overlooking some of his pristine diving/lobster chasing grounds. This interview has heaps of great intel for people wanting to chase Southern Rock Lobster, Southern Bluefin Tuna or even just start spearing in the Victoria/South Australia area. Listen in to Aaron Edmonds share his story and stoke right here!

NSP:155 Aaron Edmonds the 17 y/o Slaying Spearfishing Statesman

Important Times

04:00 Welcome to Aaron Edmonds – live in Portland, Victoria. Getting started spearfishing and a bit about his commercial diving experience.

08:45 Early lessons learned spearfishing

10:00 Chasing Lobster or Crayfish

21:30 Scary Moment | Cramping Out in a Cave

NSP:155 Aaron Edmonds the 17 y/o Slaying Spearfishing Statesman with Isaac Daly aka Shrek from Noob Spearo in Portland, Victoria

29:25 Funny Moments with Jamie

32:00 Underwater Photography | Catching the Bug

40:00 Southern Bluefin Tuna | The Learning Curve!

52:50 Taking out juniors and sharing the stoke

58:40 Spearo Q&A

  • Who has been the most influential person in your spearfishing journey?
  • What are the best spearfishing resources for new spearos?
  • What is your dream spearfishing destination and fish?
  • Could you describe what the spearfishing experience means to you in one sentence
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