Interview with Captain Aaron Young

Today’s live interview is with Captain Aaron Young, aka @KeyWestWaterman and @DibsOnBottom_Adventures and Youtube and Instagram! You probably know him from his amazing Youtube videos from out in the Florida Keys, he joins us to talk all about his home, spearing, running charters and getting Noob Spearos into the water! Great info for targeting and eating Wahoo, how to brain and bleed fish, dealing with sharks and line management. If you find yourself in Florida, pay him a visit and get out spearing with him! www.dibsonbottomkeywest.com

NSP201 aaron young

Important times:

  • 00:13 Intro
  • 03:45 Welcome Captain Aaron Young!
  • 04:40 What are the Florida Keys?
  • 06:40 Living in Mangroves
  • 08:25 How did you get into the business?
  • 09:50 Commercial spearfishing and fisheries management in Florida
  • 12:15 Tell us about your charters! Where did Dibs On Bottom come from?
  • 17:00 Mangrove and Cubera Snapper
  • 18:00 ID fish, how to identify fish in a new place
  • 23:35 Common advice for Noob Spearos
  • 26:10 Teaching and instructing
  • 29:05 How long does it take to become a competent water-person?
  • 31:50 Spearo licence

NSP201 Aaron and wahoo

  • 35:00 Wahoo! Tell us about it!
  • 38:00 Wahoo recipe
  • 40:35 How do you target Wahoo?
  • 45:50 How do you deal with sharks?
  • 49:00 How to kill a fish: how do you brain a fish?
  • 50:30 How do you bleed a fish?
  • 51:35 Heaven On Earth video and Youtube
  • 56:55 Funny stories

NSP201 aaron and madeline

  • 01:02:05 Duty as a creator
  • 01:05:05 Tough or scary situations
  • 01:07:25 How do you manage your line?
  • 01:12:35 What’s in your dive bag?
  • 01:18:35 Tell us about your boat: The Gheenoe
  • 01:20:15 Spearo Q&A
  • 01:22:30 Thanks for being on the show, where can people find you?
  • 01:23:40 Outro

NSP201 insta

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