Interview with Adam Stern & Spearo Kids NZ

Today’s interview is with Adam Stern and Ben, Max & Don from Spearo Kids NZ! Adam Stern is back again, spontaneously laughing and giving us some awesome new info coming out of the freediving world., Spearfishing’s effect on personality, physiology, your mental and emotional state and even your bloodwork can be profound! Next up we have a catch up with Ben, Max and Don: The SpearoKids NZ crew! We chat about some of there highlights since last speaking to them, new PB fish and the latest from their competition careers!

The last episode for 2022, it’s been a massive year! Here’s looking to an even bigger one next year! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year spearos!

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NSP:148 Adam Stern How to Increase Breath-hold + Burning QuestionsNSP:213 Spearo Kids with fish

Important times:

  • 00:13 Intro
  • 02:40 Welcome back Adam Stern!
  • 04:30 Deep spearfishing’s impact on personality
  • 09:35 Physiological changes for spearos
  • 11:30 Equalizing in an MRI machine
  • 14:00 Mental and emotional effects of diving on stress and anxiety
  • 17:30 What is your daily routine for staying dive fit?
  • 19:50 Shallow lung squeezes and a common problem for newer spearos
  • 23:30 “Freediving has nothing to do with spearfishing”
  • 31:30 Is there a benefit to increasing your breath hold past your daily needs?
  • 33:50 Research on bloodwork going on in the freedive world
  • 39:40 O2 and CO2 training and general wellbeing
  • 44:45 Equalizing tips: head first or feet first

NSP:148 Adam Stern How to Increase Breath-hold + Burning Questions

  • 48:40 Let’s chat to the NZ Spearo Kids: Max, Ben and Don! What have you been up to?
  • 55:00 Competition spearfishing and spearfishing with your brother
  • 01:01:00 What’s next for you boys? Youtube, competitions and new travels
  • 01:11:10 Outro

NSP:213 spearo kids

NSP:213 Instagram

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