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This episode is a live call with Patron listeners and whole bunch of questions from the Noob Spearo Community on Facebook and @noobspearo on Instagram! In this episode we cover breath-hold and depth training questions, how to choose a freediving instructor, deep spearfishing (avoiding squeeze) questions, equalizing questions and more. Lot’s of funny moments including Adam scalding his balls. Enjoy:)


  • 5:00 Ben Vittino “I just want to know how he’s so happy and enthusiastic all the time. Love his energy!”
  • Isaac “I have a question but first I need to know, Do you ever feel down? When you do, what do you do to get back Adam 187% Stern?”
  • Dale Bartush “I’d also like to know what he thinks about in free fall. Not what he tells people to do lop but what he actually thinks and feels.”
  • 14:00 Scalded Ballsack Moment
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NSP:148 Adam Stern How to Increase Breath-hold + Burning Questions


  • Ethan Yeo “Would you say going out spearfishing is going to make you in become a better diver vs doing freediving training in the pool?”
  • Isaac “How can you increase your bottom time?” and “How can I hold my breath longer?”
  • Isaac “Is bloodshift a physiological response that can be trained?”
  • Damian Mckay “What are the best exercises to get more bottom time/depth?”
  • @pickford_cole “If he had to pick between dynamic pool training and static, which would he choose?”
  • Isaac “is increased muscle mass problematic to breath-hold diving?”
  • Isaac “what are some safety considerations for pool training?”
  • Isaac “How much does your attitude towards contractions affect them?”
  • Isaac “Are your own ideas or your own limitations the biggest barrier to longer breath-holds and deeper diving?” What is the best way to overcome these?



  • R Andrew Baker “Can everyone hands free Equalize?”
  • Jake Cross “What are the common issues with equalising? E.g one ear equalises before the other.”
  • Adam Stern Equalizing Online Classes freedivefamily.com. Use the Code NOOBSPEARO to save 40%
  • Isaac “If you put a month into training your equalization and Eustachian Tubes, how long will that adaptation last?”


NSP:148 Adam Stern How to Increase Breath-hold + Burning Questions


  • Kurt Raymond “How do you equalise when you go past that 30+meter mark? I recently dived to 30mtrs on a course and I felt like I had to equalise slightly differently once I hit around the 25mtr mark. I’ve heard of having to bring air back into your mouth. I wasn’t down there for long enough to work out what was going on but I was still able to equalise, just slightly differently to normal. Is there dry training you can do for this technique?”
  • Joe Pedro “Can you share your wisdom on chin tuck dive & what injuries can be caused by looking (neck extended) out in front of you; typical Spearfishing form compared to proper diver form..the little things that cause nightmares due to lack of “under pressure” knowledge basically.”
  • Mackenzie Logan “I have a Similar question to Joe Pedro. Once you start going over 30m-40m how long does it take your body to acclimatize to the new depths? If you’ve done all your stretches and relaxing on the top perfectly, what are some of the little things like neck movements that we should be careful of and how long/how many dives to depth until you can start to move your head a little more comfortably?”

To elaborate on this: I think there will be 2 answers depending on whether we are spearfishers vs freedivers..

  1. If you are spearfishing and it is either your first time diving to these depths or you only go diving once a month or so how will this affect your “training adaptations” of diving to that depth? Will you lose them each time you go out again to dive?
  2. If you’re freediving and training frequently will you be able to improve and keep your training adaptations. I think in your last interview he said he could come back after a month or so of not training and pretty much start again from where he had been diving to before?
  • Thomas Ripard “I’d also like to ask about deeper diving. Once you start to get more comfortable with getting to 30m(ish), is there anything in particular one needs to do to prepare yourself to get past the 30m mark? Also anything safety related one should be aware of as you get past 30m? Cheers! Discovering the noobspearo podcast was the best thing that happened to me in 2020, keep em coming

NSP:148 Adam Stern How to Increase Breath-hold + Burning Questions


  • Rob James “When is Adam having an underwater UFC rematch with Adam
  • Craig McNiven “What are the hurdles of running a free diving business, cashflow, cancellations, COVID, marketing and customer retention. Is it like a dream to do what you love for an income every day? Could you get the business to a point where it could be run without you?”
  • Jason Harris “Not strictly diet related.. but does Adam have any food items he avoids when leading up to a dive day to keep the sinus systems clean”
  • Isaac “Can we have the Dairy and Mucus Production Urban Legend Discussion?”
  • @nicholasmorsecodes “How many wetsuits does he own? 10+ at least! where does he keep them all?”



  • @scubasteve212 “Will he do a freediving course in Batemans bay in the future 🙌”
  • @bard_antonsen “First: thank you so much for your podcast! I have learned a lot by listening to most of your episodes. I started freediving 2 years ago. I had to participate in a freediving class since my son was too young to go alone. I was afraid and far away from my comfort zone. I overcome my fears and now I love the water. Question to Adam: I’d love to meet him, but I live in Norway and have a low budget. Will there be any chance to see him in the land of the big halibuts? Our coast is amazing. I’m just saying… An event with Adam in Norway would be epic🤩”
  • @mansoor_hsd “When he come Lakshadweep (India)?”



  • Greg Rothaus “Hi Adam, I’m 62. What’s your advice to older divers with regards to training and spearfishing?”
  • Greg Rothaus “I am going on a month long freedive training retreat in Dahab, Egypt. How do you recommend I make the most of a trip like this?
  • Captain Dan Walsh comments of teaching/freediving as a job, Eustashian tube solutions and advice for older divers.
  • Stu Harwood “I find after a day spearing I am absolutely rooted, do you have any tips for mitigating this? (becoming unrooted)
  • Duncan Henderson “With equalizing, do you do one grouper call on the way down or multiple grouper calls?”


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