Interview with Adventureman Dan Byrne

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Interview with Adventureman Dan Byrne. Pictured Holding a large New Zealand Yellowtail Kingfish caught spearfishing

Adventureman Dan pictured holding up the large New Zealand Yellowtail Kingfish talked about in this episode

Interview with a young American bloke traveling the world spearfishing. This interview comes from a listener request (James Fisher) and Dan was good enough to join us over skype while he was in South Africa. This episode is jam packed with Dan’s stories, adventures and tips for guys and girls interested in taking off on a traveling and spearfishing adventure.

Originally from up-state New York Dan began his spearfishing journey in Monterey, California. His stories about chasing reef fish in the huge kelp forests give us all some insight into his early experiences. Listen into this interview with a natural storyteller and genuinely nice bloke!

Time Stamps in Dan Byrne’s interview

Interview starts off with the usual banter, latest book review and some news before we kick on and hear about Dans journey into spearfishing.

11:50 Early Obstacles – learning the species.

13:30 Spearfishing from a kayak and a cracker Ling Cod

18:00 Cave diving and a few tricks

25:00 Dans favorite spearfishing hunting technique

Mentioned was this video – spearfishing New Zealand part 2

NZ SPEARO FORUM Facebook Page here

35:00 Spearfishing travel stories. Starting in New Zealand then Australia’s East Coast followed by the West Coast. Following this he chats about his South African spearfishing experience. These stories give you some good snap shots into all of these locations and some of the characters Adventureman Dan has had the privilege of spearfishing with.

61:00 Veterans Vault – Spearfishing Travel

Questions we ask Dan

  • When you are flying into different countries, what equipment do you travel with and what do you replace when you get there?
  • How are you carrying your speargun and longer items? SportsTube link here. Hand Grenade Dive weights here, First Aid Kit here
  • We discuss airlines (good and bad ones). How to declare your equipment.
  • What equipment can be helpful and what Dan considers crucial.
  • How did you go about networking with spearos in different countries?
  • Dan also lays out his own budget/money technique for traveling around the world on the cheap.
  • How to be a good bloke on boats and build good relationships.

Interview with spearfishing adventureman Dan Byrne

76:00 Fast 5 Facts For Noobs

  1. Listen to Noob Spearo Podcast.
  2. Just get out there – do a road trip and find your own spots.
  3. Have a dive knife accessible on your hips.
  4. Always try something new, challenge yourself.
  5. Mentally prepare for your dives with visualization

Connect with Adventureman Dan

  • Find Dan on Instagram here
  • Facebook here
  • Watch some of his vids here (Check out Spearfishing NZ part 1 below)

90:00 Dan’s Call To Action!

Dan is planning a West Coast spearfishing tour of the USA starting in Alaska and he would like a travel buddy! He’s planning on getting an R.V or caravan and heading south from Alaska for a 4-5 month trip of a lifetime. Get into contact with him here!

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