A Journey Beneath from A Journey Beneath on Vimeo.

Interview with Andre Rerekura and Travis Corken

Today’s episode is with Andre Rerekura and Travis Corken (Samuel Rutherford couldn’t make it to the interview) about their new documentary: A Journey Beneath! A great film with some truly awesome visuals and an even better soundtrack, what’s more is that Shrek narrated parts of it! Amazing destinations, memorable fish and the theme of friendship – do yourself a favour and have a watch! Filmed over several years, it documents the travels of lifelong friends Andre and Travis as they go around the world to spearfish in awesome destinations, including an almost fatal incident that only strengthened their bond. A real treat of an experience for spearos, let us know what you thought of the film and let us know what you thought of this episode!

A Journey Beneath on Vimeo.

You can watch the film here on Vimeo!

A journey beneath poster

Important times:

  • 01:10 Introduction
  • 06:00 Welcome Andre and Travis! You have been through some rough times together
  • 07:34 What do you do for work Andre?
  • 08:18 Terra Australis and Shark shields


Andre filming with a prawn

  • 10:34 Travis, you are the Australian rep for Neptonics

Travis with a big fish

  • 12:41 A Journey Beneath: tell us about it
  • 13:25 You asked me to narrate some of it!
  • 15:00 Sam was the editor behind this film
  • 15:54 New Caledonia spearfishing
  • 16:27 Brandon Wahlers, tell us about him
  • 17:35 We are all oddballs
  • 19:05 Tell us about Panama and Mexico

andre and travis with big tuna

  • 22:41 What are the target species out there? Encountering a big marlin
  • 24:05 What are the Mangrove Jack type species down there? Pargo
  • 25:24 What sort of coin does one need to drop to go on a trip like that?
  • 27:40 What did you do for fitness training?
  • 28:26 Being fit makes a big difference
  • 29:22 How long have you been doing jiu jitsu?
  • 31:37 Tell us about your mate Pete Correale
  • 35:19 Tell us about diving in Indonesia
  • 35:53 How cold is it?
  • 37:15 Learning to become calm in uncomfortable conditions

Andre with a lobster

  • 38:26 Conditions for dogtooth tuna
  • 40:02 Celebrating a big fish with friends
  • 41:37 My favourite part, the Catalina Island kelp forests
  • 43:15 This doccy makes me hungry to travel
  • 46:11 It was a real honour to be a part of this project
  • 47:28 How long did the final cut end up being?
  • 48:54 There are a few talented spearos who got into videography (David Ochoa)
  • 49:31 Thank you for being on the show!
  • 49:54 Outro and Shrek’s closing thoughts

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