Interview with Anthony Hafoka

Benefits of CO2 training for spearfishing | underwater hockey

  1. Fitness – better than altitude training
  2. Lose Weight
  3. Swimming and Movement in the water
  4. The Relaxation > Self Control Reflex
  5. Recovery Breathing
  6. Finning Exercise
  7. Increases Red Blood cell count and volume

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Anthony joins us from New Zealand to chat about his experiences spearfishing and playing underwater hockey. This chat has some great insights about breathing, specifically surface intervals and recovery breathing. I enjoyed the stories and tips about blackout, training and thinking more seriously about buying a dive watch to help you keep a longer surface interval. If you would like to learn about CO2 training benefits then this is a good listen.

Anthony Hafoka CO2 Training Benefits. Spearfishing Interview

Karikari Peninsula. Pic taken by Phil Clayton

Time Stamps

5:00 Anthony Hafoka introduction and background

8:00 Obstacles spearfishing and some of the benefits/strengths he had going into it

9:00 Early mentors and opportunities

11:00 Can you share a story about a memorable spearfishing catch? 2 for 1

13:00 Snapper hunting?

  • How did you start successfully targeting them?
  • How do you hunt snapper effectively?
  • What techniques work consistently?
  • How do you burley or chum effectively?

21:00 What is the toughest situation in the ocean you’ve been in?

24:00 Veterans Vault: Benefits of CO2 training for spearfishing

  • Greater tolerance to higher levels of CO2 from playing Underwater Hockey and Rugby
  • What are physiological benefits of underwater hockey and rugby?
  • How do you recovery breathe?
  • What are some of the other benefits to playing underwater hockey and rugby?
  • What are your insights around surface intervals?

45:00 What is one of the funniest things you’ve seen out spearfishing?

48:00 What is in your spearfishing divebag?

51:00 Spearo Q&A


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