Interview with Matty Turner

Todays interview is with Matty Turner from the Becoming A Bowhunter Podcast! The on-land equivalent of Noob Spearo, the BAB Podcast aims to help Noob bowhunters get into the sport, get equipped and become more effective hunters. Hear some epic stories from hunts, the struggles of learning to stalk animals, what to do when things don’t go to plan and so much more! We also chat about butchering, packing and eating wild meat. There are some definite similarities and differences in bowhunting vs spearfishing but both sports can learn from each other, get first hand info on everything you wanted to know about becoming A Bowhunter!

Listen to the BAB Podcast here!

Important times:

  • 00:13 Intro
  • 06:22 Welcome Matty! Tell us about the Becoming a Bowhunter Podcast!
  • 12:30 Similarities and differences to spearfishing
  • 18:35 Wind, sun and bowhunting
  • 23:20 How do I start bowhunting?
  • 28:00 If you had to start spearfishing over again?
  • 31:10 Costs involved

  • 35:10 How to use the range finder
  • 38:10 Bowhunting courses & spearfishing courses
  • 46:20 Cold water therapy

  • 01:18:05 How to butcher and pack an animal
  • 01:22:40 Getting the most out of your catch – 99 Spearo Recipes and Wild Meat
  • 01:26:50 Final thoughts
  • 01:33:10 Outro

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