Beau Armstrong Interview

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This episode we chat to Brisbane local lad Beau Armstrong. He’s a regular dive buddy of mine and Turbo’s and we think he’s a top bloke. Beau has a great attitude, pays his way, does his share and always has a cheeky grin. He started out spearfishing about a year ago and while he’s been spearing, he’s also had a good crack at freediving. At the last freediving nationals competition held here in Brisbane, he posted a 155m dynamic and a 116m no-fins swim. Beau’s pony-tail often gets him in pub fights as he closely resembles an 80’s martial arts movie henchman – Download this episode for some laughs and great insights into spearfishing and having the right attitude.

Spearfishing Podcast. Beau Armstrong Interview

Left to Right Wayne Judge, Jamie Lough (Jlow) and Beau Armstrong on a cracker day out Spearfishing Moreton Island

Interview Times Quick-Guide

3:30 Finding a mentor. Beau advocates finding a mentor without the ego. Wayne Judge helped Beau find his feet.

7:00 Losing a big spanish mackerel, lessons learned. Floatlines, shot placement, using drag, dealing with a spooled reel and looking forward to the next opportunity.

12:00 Veterans Vault. Freedive training and its applications for spearfishing.

15:00 Fast Five Facts for Noobs

POS spearfishing crew (absent Jlow & Champ). Left to right Turbo, Beau, Shrek and Ben Harper. Beau Armstrong Interview

POS spearfishing crew (absent Jlow & Champ). Left to right Turbo, Beau, Shrek and Ben Harper

 Freediving Athletes

Beau Armstrong on the far right with fellow freediver PJ and Wayne Judge (centre) Beaus freediving coach and mentor

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