Ben Choi Texas Oil Rig Spearfishing & Blackout Survivor

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Joining us from Galveston, Texas is Ben Choi, a bloke  who came on Noob Spearos radar via the Freedivers Facebook page with a video that shared his personal experience with samba & blackout. In this Youtube footage Ben and a few friends are chasing Mangrove Snapper beneath an oil rig in about 70ft or 20m of water when he experiences whats known as a shallow water blackout (SWB). Check out Ben’s video and see for yourself what a blackout looks like and observe how his buddy saves his life.

About the Ben Choi Interview

In this interview we talk in depth about spearfishing around man-made structure, predominantly the old oil rigs that serve as huge artificial reef systems off the coast of Texas. We talk about where to find the fish on structure, what equipment is most effective, buddy systems and what hazards you should be aware of. Ben Choi also talks about a pole spear world record he recently held – a Jack Cravale and an interesting hunting technique they use over there called ‘waving’. Ben’s interview is chock full of good information and as usual we have a few laughs.

Interview with texan spearfishing local Ben Choi

For fast navigation through Ben Choi’s interview, here are some major moments…

3:00 Getting started in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Chasing lobster

4:00 Getting started spearfishing Hogfish – an iconic Murican spearfishing species. The AB Biller speargun.

5:00 First Hogfish – 13 inch’s and they taste good!

6:00 Finding buddies on Spearboard – a spearfishing forum.

8:00 First Memorable Fish – 26 inch Hogfish 100 yards from the shore

10:00 World Record Pole Spear – Jack Cravale

14:00 Favorite Hunting Technique

17:00 Ben’s Blackout Story (Link is above)

30:00 Veterans Vault: Spearfishing Oil Rigs, Wrecks and other man-made structure

41:00 Funny Story – Churning Gut Choy and the Deepest Dump

43:00 Ben Choi Divebag

47:00 Fast 5 Facts 4 Noobs

49:00 Develop a good buddy system – advice!

Noob Spearo Interview with Ben Choi

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