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Bar Crossing with Bill Corten


Bills is a renown Australian boating, fishing and bar crossing teacher with many years of experience in the marine industry. A little known fact  about Bill is that he also used to spearfish and play underwater hockey.

These days Bills regularly runs coastal bar crossing courses and the occasional fishing charter. Bills passion is helping guys to get the most out of their boats by teaching them all of the fundamental skills that every boat-going waterman should learn. Managing a bar crossing with all of the variables like swell, tide and wind requires a definite skill set that must be learned.

Beginner Spearfishing Setup.Spearfishing Dive Flags Diver Down and Alpha Dive Flags

Diver Down and Alpha Dive Flags (Image borrowed from boat-ed.com)

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Bill takes us through run out tides, big swells and even drunken blokes on a fishing charters. We talk about basic mistakes that many of us make and hear a few stories about what can happen in dangerous situations. There is a huge section and discussion about swell speed, using your throttle on the way in and on the way out, positioning the boat appropriately, using angles to soften landings and maintaining your nerve!

Listen into this episode if you use or want to use a boat to go spearfishing!

Bill Corten Contact Details: Phone (07) 3286 3647 or Email: reel_affair@yahoo.com

Beaus Boat. Coastal Bar Crossing with Bill Corten

Beau Armstrong’s labor of love. An absolute cracker spearfishing boat – VSEA hull

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