Interview with Chris Adair

Today’s interview is with Chris Adair from Bottom Dwellers Freediving in British Columbia and we talk everything cold water freediving and spearfishing! Depending on who you ask, “cold” water can mean different things, but when we talk about the cold water that Chris deals with, it’s not messing around! Learn some great tips for getting better at diving in sub 10 degree C water, staying warm and comfortable and about some of the awesome initiatives he runs where he partners with First Nations People communities in remote locations and introduces them to spearfishing and freediving! Learn some great tips and how he is giving back to those around him in such an awesome way!

NSP189 divers on line

NSP189 guys on boat

Photo by Jeremy Koreski

Important times:

  • 00:13 Intro
  • 03:45 @DeepWaterDreamin Patrick Ryan voice message
  • 06:05 Welcome Chris Adair! How did you get into freediving and spearfishing?
  • 07:40 You teach freediving professionally
  • 08:25 Bottom Dwellers! We mostly hunt bottom dwelling fish.
  • 11:20 Hunting on the bottom is it’s own technique to learn
  • 12:45 Tell us about Bottom Dwellers Freediving!
NSP189 Chris Adair underwater

Photo by Jeremy Koreski

  • 15:00 Tide to Table / Freedive Harvesting courses
  • 19:05 Foraging in cold water is magical
  • 20:30 Diving seasons
  • 21:20 You have some great photographers
  • 24:30 You have some great community initiatives you run with the First Nations People, tell us about it!
  • 29:25 What is day to day life like in these remote communities?
  • 32:20 Where can people learn more about the Warrior Leadership program? www.bottomdwellers.ca
  • 34:35 The British Columbia Spearfishing Summit 
NSP189 tide to table fire oven

Photo by Nathaniel Martin

  • 36:25 Regulations – how does Canada compare to other countries?
  • 40:15 Education is the best way to punish mistakes
  • 41:40 Fisheries officers are invited too!
  • 45:55 Veteran’s Vault: Cold water freediving and the mammalian dive reflex
  • 48:55 Countering the cold
  • 52:20 Daniel Mann’s shorts over wetsuit
NSP189 Chase White

Photo by Chase White

  • 55:55 When do you know when you are getting too cold? When you’re shivering, get out!
  • 57:00 PFI Level 1 Requirements
  • 58:15 Thick new wetsuits aren’t very flexible! What do you recommend?
  • 01:00:20 Cold water struggles: distributing weight! How do you do it?
  • 01:02:00 Duck diving is extremely essential!
  • 01:04:40 Quick tips for staying warm!
  • 01:08:00 Crocs are just a uniform!

NSP189 face in rocks

  • 01:10:30 Funny stories!
  • 01:15:00 Hunting and foraging techniques: increasing bottom time and looking in the right places
  • 01:16:50 Spearo Q&A
    • Your best resource for improving your spearfishing and freediving
    • Favourite spearfishing buddy and why
    • Describe the spearfishing experience
  • 01:19:55 Thank you for being on the show! Where can people find you?
  • 01:21:00 Outro
NSP189 sea cucumber

Photo by Jeremy Koreski

NSP189 insta

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