Interview with Brandon Hendrickson

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Recently Brandon Hendrickson competed in the Roatan World Freeediving Championship and he finished very highly placed. In this interview we talk about deep spearfishing and how to choose both dive buddies and travel companions wisely. In the Veterans Vault section we get into some of the inherent risks of deeper spearfishing, how to manage the risks, the different phases of a longer dive + a few hints and tips about slowly acclimatizing your body for greater depths. Brando is definitely a competitive type of person and so this interview lends well to people that are serious about taking on greater depths in their spearfishing. Listen in!

Interview with Brandon Hendrickson expereinced spearfisherman


Time Stamps for Brandon Hendrickson Interview


6:00 Naples, Florida and early beginnings spearfishing

9:00 Spearfishing travel, early trips and adventures + an overview of some of the best destinations for spearfishing

19:00 Obstacles. Freediving, getting comfortable at depth. Mentioned Martin Stepanek

22:00 Early mentors and current influences

25:00 Most embarrassingly memorable fish. An early fish shot on SCUBA using a pneumatic speargun. Harry Hotlips and more

29:00 Favorite spearfishing hunting technique + fine tuning your technique using feedback and reviewing GoPro footage

Brandon Hendrickson Spearfishing

37:00 Veterans Vault – Deep spearfishing

  • Defining deep spearfishing
  • Identifying risks and putting some systems in place to manage the risk
  • Injuries such as decompression sickness and squeeze
  • Acclimatizing to depth
  • Surface intervals
  • Safety divers
  • Using the sink phase
  • Conserving oxygen on the return to the surface
  • Criteria for choosing good buddies when doing deeper diving

Books discussed

  • Deep. Renegade science and what the ocean tells us about ourselves here

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  • Pellizari Manual of Freediving here
  • Pellizari Dry Training here
  • One Breath – Adam Skolnick here
  • Blue Water Hunting – Terry Maas here
  • 99 Tips To Get Better at Spearfishing here

62:00 Funniest Moment

63:00 Brando’s Dive Bag

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  • Opencell wetsuit
  • Flexible weightbelt
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  • Rob Allen turkey float and flag

Brandon Hendrickson MannySub Noob Spearo Podcast

70:00 Spearo Q&A

  1. What is the single best piece of spearfishing advice you have received?
  2. Single best person to go spearfishing with and why?
  3. Could you describe what the spearfishing experience means to you in one sentence?

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