101 Caring For Your Catch

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Shorter episode this week covering everything from shooting your selected fish to putting it on the plate in front of your loved ones. Caring for our catch’s is absolutely essential for every spearo as spearfishing is recognised as one of the most sustainable and selective forms of fishing. Due to how selective we are with our fish, it made a lot of sense then for Turbo and I to do a 101 on the main points to consider between shooting the fish and putting it on the plate. Enjoy a bit of a rough interview as we were both at our mate Benny’s bucks the day before (here is a quick snap of the golf).

Golfing Shrek and Turbo

Golf….its not for everyone. Shrek buried in the bunker

Quick times guide to caring for your catch

2:00 Shoutouts, MannySub RollerHead Kit Winner announcement. We also have another giveaway – 8 copies of One Fish Legends DVD care of Sebastian Kramer a kiwi freediving instructor (find him here) – Thank you Sebastian!

To win a DVD shipped right to your door simply leave us an honest review on iTunes, iHeart Radio or Stitcher radio, screenshot it and send it in to me by email (shrek@noobspearo.com) and if you are in the first 8 submissions, we would love  to send you a copy.

Caring For Your Catch. Noob Spearo Spearfishing Community

Quick Times Guide To Caring For Your catch

7:00 The Stone Shot, where to shoot on the fish to get an instant kill.

8:45 Iki Jime Method. Head over to ikijime.com for more information and X-Ray shots of where to insert your knife for improving eating quality and more

11:45 Bleeding Fish, why and how

12:25 Gutting your fish

13:50 Ice Boxes. The Cooler, Esky or Chilli Bin. Get your slurry going. 2 parts ice, 1 part sea water.

16:15 Boat Floats, Kayak or Shore diving storing fish.

17:30 Filleting, chat about knives and essential accessories. New Zealand Kingfish YouTube tutorial, San Diego Grouper Tutorial here

19:00 POS crew divide up the mammoth task of filleting into specific jobs. Labeling fish with Date and Species is a great idea!

21:00 Fish storage, freezing and refrigeration recommendations. This video makes it seem pretty flash but the Aussies call it the Poor Mans Cryovac

23:00 + Freefishheads.co.nz donate your fish heads and spines to people in your community who can come to your doorstep and pick em up!


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