Interview with the Central Coast Sealions (x6)

Today’s interview is with 6 of the Central Coast Sealions! Several ex-presidents, the current president and a bunch of super stoked spearos join Cam and Shrek as they chat all things Central Coast diving and how being involved in a club has made a huge difference. Get an window into the inner workings of a spearfishing club from the guys that do it, organising comps to getting noob spearos into the water to being a good boaty, today’s conversation is an interesting one! Tips for diving the headlands, predicting weather conditions, being a good boaty, how to disguise your photos to hide the location and some hilarious stories from the guys who’ve been diving out there. Lots of laughter and some really actionable info, let us know what you think in the comments!

Follow them on Instagram: @CentralCoastSealions and join their Facebook group!

Here is the podcast Shrek mentioned about the fishing lures and the sounds they make.

NSP198 Central Coast Sealions meeting

Important times:

  • 00:13 Intro
  • 07:00 Welcome Alistair!
  • 08:30 Club social meetings, welcome Andrew!
  • 10:10 How many dive days do you get in a year?
  • 13:00 Welcome current President Josh! How do you get noob spearos started?
  • 16:35 Which lobsters do you get around here?
  • 17:10 Welcome Mark!
  • 19:30 Becoming a skipper: first time taking divers out
  • 23:25 Welcome Dave!
  • 26:20 How many days with good viz do you get here?
  • 27:55 Central Coast swell
  • 29:25 What weather apps are you using?
  • 34:55 When the water is dirty, we adapt and do something else
  • 36:30 Big white boulders, avoiding the kelp and what to expect on the bottom
  • 37:40 Seafood: how good are the Central Coast Sealions?
  • 39:25 Abalone
  • 42:05 Foraging
  • 43:15 Spot burning
  • 45:30 How to disguise your pictures
  • 49:55 Best stories!
  • 55:45 Getting rammed by a shark!
  • 01:00:00 How to be a good boaty!
  • 01:03:30 Big seals
  • 01:07:15 Thanks so much for the chat guys!
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