This recipe comes from David Kirkpatrick a man famous for saying (and I quote), “I’m just a guy frying up some squid”. David has spent considerable time chasing Squid in Melbourne and now Western Australia. One tip for hunting squid while spearfishing is to dive bomb them. The alternative style of approaching from on the same level can be difficult. They are also susceptible to coming in to inspect their speared colleagues, so leave your prey to dangle and your mate may take one for himself. Enjoy Davids Peri Peri squid recipe – it looks the goods!
– Shrek



1. Cut squid out str8

Dave's Peri Peri Squid Recipe

2. Score squid on the softer side in the diamond pattern( knife goes through soft side a lot easier, cut deep don’t be afraid)

3.Rub Nandos peri peri salt into cuts (coles sell it)

Dave's Peri Peri Squid Recipe

4. Get oil hot , place squid diamond pattern up so they curl under the sexual heat of the oil.

5. Flip to get a slight char effect.

Dave's Peri Peri Squid Recipe

6. Tilt pan drain off some oil whilst u stack the squid ready to plate up.

7. Eat squid into your neck hole

Dave's Peri Peri Squid Recipe

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