Interview with SCORKL founder David Hallamore & Ninepin Wetsuits Luke Growney

This episode is a double episode with two Melbourne based entrepreneurs, David Hallamore from the highly successful crowdfunding SCORKL campaign and Luke Growney the owner operator of Ninepin Wetsuits. I caught up with David in an inner city Melbourne pub and learn about the SCORKL journey so far. The same day I had a full day spearfishing outside Port Phillip bay with Luke Growney and we catch up in his backyard with a few brews. This episode (and Melbourne trip) were fully funded by Patron listeners! Thanks legends:)

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Time Stamps

3:30 Scorkle Founder David Hallamore intro

5:30 What is Scorkle?

8:00 Risks | What are they and how do you use Scorkl safely?

13:00 Who is it for?

22:00 The Scorkl Journey

31:50 Find Scorkl here 

Check out Scorkl on YouTube here 

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37:50 Luke Growney a Melbourne Days Diving

41:00 Lukes story getting into spearfishing

43:00 Ninepin Freediving Suits Story. Find Ninepin Spearfishing suits here

47:40 What equipment struggles did you have starting out?

53:20 Some Boating Electronics Tips: Using Gain

56:30 Scariest moment and takeaways

57:40 Scrounging for scallops, oysters and mussels

62:00 What is your favourite thing about spearfishing?

62:45 Funny Moments

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