Interview with David Hochman

One of the coolest dudes in spearfishing, David Hochman joins us fresh from a day out spearfishing aboard his Rhode Island based, Spear-It Charters vessel. With 40+ years spent in the water spearfishing and commercial fishing, Davids knowledge of the marine environment is extensive. We do a massive drop down into targeting Striped Bass, their behavior, environment, sustainable fishery and more. He holds the current world spearfishing records for Striped Bass with both Pole Spear and Speargun + he’s put more guys onto Striped Bass than anyone alive – he knows his stuff!

Listen in for all the usual laughs + tips, techniques and wisdom from this weeks special guest, David Hochman.

David Hochman the bane of Striped Seabass. Spear-it Spearfishing Charters

99 Tips To Get Better at Spearfishing

David Hochman Interview Time Stamps

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7:00 David’s early spearfishing memories + a bit about him

10:00 Memorable fish and early obstacles

15:00 Some pole spear world records + speargun striped bass world record story

David Hochman Striped Bass. 52.4 lbs new spearfishing world record pole spear

David Hochman Striped Bass. 52.4 lbs new polespear spearfishing world record

23:00 Favorite spearfishing hunting technique. Thinking about your fins. Where are they and how can you minimize movement.

30:00 Veterans Vault – Spearfishing Striped Bass (start from hunting technique 23:00)

  • Season – best time of year
  • Size and range
  • Behavior, food and hunting techniques
  • Sustainability and the local Rhode Island fishery

40:00 Funniest Moment

43:00 Whats in David’s Divebag?

  • Mares equipment
  • Neritic Polespears

47:00 Spearo Q&A

David Hochman Spear-it Charters Rhode Island

David Hochman



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