The Great Debate on Dock of Death/Death Pile Pictures

Huge discussion on the phenomena on Social Media of pictures and videos with huge piles of dead fish. Often there are reasons for these piles of fish like providing for your family or community or it could be your source of income, or it might even be the result of a long day or weekend full of hard work spearing with your mates. Whatever the reason, often times on social media the context of a post can so easily be lost, so a proud picture of a long day of hard work trying to feed your family can turn into a what looks like a senseless killing spree. Other times these pictures are taken on purpose to show the sheer volume of fish that they caught. Is this right or wrong? Should pictures of Death Piles be posted? Yes? No? Why or why not?

Bit of a different episode today but join us as we dive into this with Shrek and Simon Trippe as they chat about the so called Death Pile/Dock of Death Phenomenon. Full of interviews with spearos from around the world, this is definitely some food for thought, whichever side you’re on!
We hope you enjoy and make sure that you leave us your thoughts and comments!

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Colourful fish pileLarge pile of fish laid out

Important Times

02:00 Simon Trippe Introduction and Quick Catch-Up

06:00 What is a Death Pile or Dock of Death photo?

09:20 Interviews with people about Death Pile/Dock of Death pics

20:00 Commentary on the interview with Simon Trippe

33:00 Rhys Clay Voicemail | Sunny Coast, Australia  Spearo

38:00 Greg Rothaus Voicemail | Californian/Baja Spearo

43:00 Adam Bassir Voicemail | Sydney, Australia Spearo

47:30 Ben Choi Voicemail | Floridian Spearo

56:00 Nicholas Zajicek Voicemail | So Cal Spearo

62:40 Eric Anderson Voicemail | Cen Cal Spearo

68:30 Ryan Rush Voicemail | Floridian Spearo

76:00 Jesse Voicemail | Australian Spearo

86:00 Eric Keener Interview | Fin and Forage Founder | Cal Spearo

96:00 Ed Martin Voicemail | Killshot Spearguns | Floridian Spearo

102:00 Do a course through Australia Spearfishing Academy with Simon Trippe

Boat deck full of fish



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