Interview with Alexey Vlaskin & Landell Archer

Today’s interview is with Alexey Vlaskin & Landell Archer, founders of Divebud: a new technology to improve on the concept of a dive watch! Have you ever got lost in the moment while at the bottom of the sea? Ever been at the end of your breath hold but then that fish you’ve been looking for shows up? This can quickly become a recipe for disaster! Divebud aims to eliminate this worry! It is a programmable device that can analyze, set alarms and track your performance underwater. Been down for too long? You’ll get a beep to remind you. Been on the surface for long enough? It’ll beep and tell you! We LOVE innovative products like this, no matter what your stance on using technology in diving is, we 100% support creators like this.

Have you used a Divebud? Let us know what your experience was!

NSP222 dive bud

Important times:

  • 00:13 Intro
  • 02:40 Noober Stories
  • 11:50 Welcome Divebud team! Alexey Vlaskin & Landell Archer
  • 14:45 Where did the inspiration for Divebud come from?
  • 19:05 Landell, what experience did you bring to the team?
  • 21:55 Target market, Amber Bourke review of Divebud

    NSP222 amber bourke

    “Amber Bourke – Australian Freediving Champion”

  • 24:45 Spearfishing experience
  • 26:40 Devil’s advocate: spearfishing and blackout
  • 32:40 Eliminating competition in spearfishing
  • 37:55 Customizing the Divebud
  • 42:25 Function vs form
  • 44:10 Programming the Divebud
  • 48:00 Dive history
  • 51:40 Education about Divebud
  • 54:15 Devil’s advocate: Having a bad dive day
  • 58:20 What makes Divebud competitive on the market?
  • 01:02:45 Future developments
  • 01:05:20 Where can people find out more?
  • 01:08:20 What about the GOLD?!
  • 01:11:30 OutroNSP222 on fins Podchaser - Noob Spearo Podcast | Spearfishing Tips, Stories and Interviews
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