The Timber Speargun Build Episode

From concept to shooting fish with Ed Martin from Killshot Spearguns

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Important Times

03:30 Ed Martin from Killshot Spearguns Introduction and all about the Florida Keys (his store is in Islamorada).

  • Geography
  • Water Temps
  • Depths and bottom structure
  • Seasonal issues
  • Common species

DIY Timber Speargun. DIY woodie speargun. Ed Martin Killshot Spearguns with African Pompano

16:00 The rationale behind this Wooden Speargun DIY build episode + Ed Martins spearfishing background and the Killshot Speargun story

23:25 Errol “What are the pros/cons of Wood VS Pipe speargun in your mind?

Duncan Henderson also asks “Why do you choose to work with wooden guns? whats the advantages in your opinion?”

DIY Timber Speargun. DIY woodie speargun. Ed Martin Killshot Spearguns how to make your own speargun

27:50 CONCEPTING AND PLANNING | Making your first speargun advice!

  • What are the crucial decisions to make before you start?
  • SearchingForTheEdge on the spearfishing Subreddit advised prospective gun builders that the number one key is to build your gun around your spear. Don’t try to build a gun and then later try to find a spear for it. It’s much easier and faster to buy the spear and use it for all the measurements. Is this good advice?
  • Sven Franklin “what is the ideal shaft overhang length as this varies from company to company and personal opinion among spearos?”
  • Joe Pedro “Enclosed track vs open track, how to decide which is best for certain fish targeting setups?”
  • Can we borrow or steal some ideas from the best manufacturers?


  • Composite vs Solid one piece?
  • Wood types? Mahogany, Sepo, Teak etc
  • Glue? Resin? Sealant? Epoxy? What is the difference?
  • Making a test gun
  • What components should I buy rather than make myself? How do you make these choices? Where is a good place for buying components?
  • To safety or not to safety?
  • What tools do I require? What tools do I desire? Clamps, jigsaw, dropsaw, mitresaw, cordless drill, gloves, plastic, straight edge, file, masking tape, rubber for relieving clamping pressure, tape measure, belt sander, verniers, small chisel, router, drill press

DIY Timber Speargun. DIY woodie speargun. Ed Martin Killshot Spearguns how to make your own speargun

66:15 How much time does it take to make a speargun?

69:00 Buoyancy and ballast | How do we work this out?

74:40 Daniel Mann “Why is oil a terrible choice to finish a timber speargun?”

79:00 Care and maintenance

80:30 Duncan also asks “What are the common problems with people’s homemade wooden guns?”

92:00 Rubber Powerbands

  • How often do you replace them?
  • Wishbones – the horror of metal wishbones

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