Interview with Eckart Benkenstein

Today’s interview is with Eckart Benkenstein from Salt Sessions! Today is all about Southern Bluefin Tuna: how to hunt them, how to land them, how to bleed and care for them and most importantly: how to get the best seafood out of them! Caring for your catch taken to the next level as we also talk about dry aging, ceviche, 99 Spearo Recipes and so much more! Eckart runs some awesome spearfishing and freediving retreats and he has a few trips coming up soon in and around Australia as well as a massive trip to South Africa for a spearfishing and safari retreat! Visit saltsessions.com.au to find out more and book your spot! There’s even rumors of Eckart and Shrek teaming up for a Noob Spearo and Salt Sessions spearfishing retreat soon! Check the links mentioned below and contact Shrek to tell him you’re interested!

Important times:

  • 00:13 Intro
  • 11:55 Welcome Eckart!
  • 13:50 Your courses are great! Kilsby Sinkhole
  • 15:40 Seafood on the Freedive retreat
  • 16:15 Hunting Southern Bluefin Tuna -ocean to plate & a fisheries success story
  • 19:50 Minimum size for Bluefin
  • 23:35 Sexual maturity and sustainable hunting
  • 25:15 Caring for your catch and tuna hunting gear
  • 33:00 Bleeding tuna

  • 38:10 Processing the fish vs preparing your hunting gear
  • 42:15 What do you do when you get the fish home? Fish of a lifetime
  • 45:10 How to break down a tuna
  • 48:25 Storage and transporting a large fish
  • 50:25 Aging tuna at least 48 hours – fresh vs aged | 99 Spearo Recipes
  • 55:30 @tassieadventureman’s smoked tuna
  • 01:00:55 Dive watches – pro’s and cons. Suunto, Garmin, Cressi, etc
  • 01:08:55 Divebud

  • 01:13:15 Apple iWatch for high performance freediving?
  • 01:17:00 Joe Rogan Podcast with Joel Turner Bow Hunting
  • 01:19:45 Improving your technique – 1 word prompts and breaking the action into separate parts
  • 01:35:00 Tell us about your freediving retreats! Whitsundays Retreat
  • 01:39:10 Taking Noobs out to dive
  • 01:41:00 African spearfishing retreat
  • 01:46:00 Noob Spearo & Salt Sessions Great Barrier Reef retreat
  • 01:49:35 How to get involved in these awesome retreats!
  • 01:52:00 Noob Spearo and Kieren Limpus weekend spearfishing course
  • 01:54:10 How do you do your ceviche?
  • 01:57:15 Thanks for being on the show!
  • 01:58:10 Outro

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