Interview with Eckart Benkenstein


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Episode 81 is all things Crayfish aka Lobster. We learn about finding them, approaching them, grabbing them and even killing and cooking them. If you haven’t started catching crayfish yet then this is a great place to start. This interview is also our longest one and its for good reason as Eckart takes us all over the place. We discuss good boating practices, hunting tactics, equipment pro’s and con’s and find out about his early days spearfishing in South Africa. This is a cool chat with a great bloke who lives, dives and works in the Melbourne area alongside previous guest, Sven Franklin. If you are interested in helping Eckart out with his drive to collect wetsuits for his South African waves for change project, please look further below for details.


Interview with Eckart Berkenstein pictured with Crayfish. We discuss catching crayfish.

00:00 Shout outs and spearfishing news

04:30 Getting started in Namibia. Early beginnings chasing crayfish and starting to see fish.

11:00 First fish with borrowed gear

16:00 Obstacles. Learning weather and conditions. Poor habits with surface intervals and lessons learned.

24:00 Spearfishing boats – keeping divers safe and being a good boatie

37:50 Memorable fish story – White Mussel Cracker

46:00 Spearfishing hunting techniques

Interview with Eckart Berkenstein pictured with White Mussel Cracker. We discuss catching crayfish.

Catching Crayfish with Eckart

51:45 Veterans Vault – how to find and hunt crayfish or lobster

  • Where can people find out more about their crayfishery?
  • What equipment do you need for catching crayfish?
  • How do you find them? How do you find a good hole?
  • How do you position yourself for grabbing a crayfish?
  • How do you grab them?
  • How big do they get there in Melbourne?
  • How do you cook them?
  • Discussion about storing them, killing them, and parboiling
  • Hole diving and looking after each other


85:00 What has been your funniest experience out spearfishing?

88:00 What is in your dive bag from head to toe?

  • Huge discussion on spearfishing equipment

105:00 Spearo Q&A

  1. Can you describe what the spearfishing experience means to you in one sentence?
  2. What is the single best piece of advice you’ve been given for spearfishing?
  3. Who has been the most influential person or people in your spearfishing?
  4. During your 15 years of spearfishing, what is the single biggest lesson?
  5. If you could go spearfishing anywhere and had an unlimited budget, where would you go?

Find Eckhart on Social Media at Salt Session Freediving


Waves for change – wetsuit donations wanted for South Africa. Drop them at Adreno stores in Melbourne

Address: 1184 Nepean Hwy, Cheltenham VICTORIA 3192, Australia (find out more about Waves for Change here)

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