Interview with Eric Allard

Episode 132 with a spearfishing legend! Eric Allard is a renown spearfishing guide predominantly operating out of East Africa. He owns and operates Extreme Bluewater Spearfishing with Nigel Spenser taking spearos out to hunt the legendary Dogtooth Tuna, Wahoo, Yellowfin Tuna and other target species. It was only natural that we chatted all about how to hunt these species effectively and East African Spearfishing. Enjoy!

Important Times

3:00 Eric Allard Introduction. Zanzibar, Tanzania Extreme Bluewater Spearfishing with Nigel Spencer.

9:00 Introduction to the water and growing up in Kenya. Early lessons spearfishing

11:00 Cooking passion

13:00 104kg Dogtooth Tuna Capture Story | Lessons, Tips and Key Knowledge for Hunting Dogtooth Tuna

23:00 Marine Science Background and Related Study

34:40 Scariest Situation in the Ocean | Losing the Boat Offshore

NSP:132 Eric Allard Extreme Bluewater Spearfishing | East Africa

NSP:132 Eric Allard Extreme Bluewater Spearfishing | East Africa Dogtooth Tuna

40:50 Veterans Vault | Spearfishing in East Africa

60:00 What’s in your divebag?

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About Eric Allard

  • Operator of Extreme Blue Water Spearfishing based in Zanzibar, Tanzania
  • Born in Mombasa, Kenya, Eric grew up on Kenya’s beaches. Avid fisherman at age 6.
  • Eric has dived most of Tanzania’s coastline and has been a Spearfishing Guide since 2009. His clients get to dive for the largest Dogtooth Tuna in the world off Latham Island
  • Features heavily in Barret Harveys ‘African Spearfishing Diaries’ vids.
  • Also possibly one of the most requested people to get on the podcast

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