Interview with Eric Anderson

Mad chat with Eric Anderson focusing on important spearfishing issues in Central California and further afield. Urchin Barrens feature as well as the benefits of having a long term buddy, Great White Sharks, tourniquets, central California diving and species, sketchy shore dives and kelp forests and more. This one was a long time coming and it was an honour to finally have a long chat with Eric. Enjoy!

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Important Times

04:00 Eric Anderson Introduction and Background 07:00 Sheep Head Fish Facts 09:00 Abalone | The Gateway Drug to the Spearfishing World NSP:149 Eric Anderson | Urchin Barrens, Great White Sharks and Dirty Water 12:45 Urchin Barren Discussion

  • What is an Urchin Barren?
  • How does an abundance of Sea Urchins effect kelp?
  • What factors have been identified as potential causes? warming ocean climate, sea urchin abundance triggers overgrazing, decrease in predation (bony reef fish that predate on them, Lobster numbers, 
  • Where does this phenomena occur? NE Pacific in the 1960–1970s, Norwegian coast in the 1970s, NW Atlantic in the 1970–1980s [2], and Tasmania in the 2000s
  • What are the wider implications for the areas affected?

23:50 Aiden Brown triggered a story about filleting fish on the boat 26:15 How Eric’s Spearfishing Life Began 30:00 Benefits of having a Longterm Spearfishing Buddy 38:40 Tourniquets and Sharks | Check out this Combat Action Tourniquet

Eric Anderson Combat Action Tourniquet for Spearfishing

Eric Anderson Combat Action Tourniquet for Spearfishing

44:50 Night Diving and Shit Viz 53:30 Aiden asks about the importance of diving with a float line 58:20 Shore Diving vs Boat Diving 62:30 Shark Shield Discussion 67:00 Scary Moment | Lessons Learned 69:30 Old Man Blue Spearfishing Equipment 77:00 Funniest Moment out spearing 81:00 Spearo Q&A NSP:149 Eric Anderson | Urchin Barrens, Great White Sharks and Dirty Water

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