Interview with Ryan from F*ck The Taxman

Todays interview is with Ryan from F*ck The Taxman, the shark themed clothing apparel company that isn’t afraid to make a statement! As spearos, fishos and almost everyone that harvests from the sea will encounter the dreaded taxman, it’s something we can all relate to! That feeling of being sharked just as you’re reeling in that prize fish really makes you say “F*ck the taxman!”. We chat with Ryan and find out the story of the brand and some funny things along the way.

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Important times:

  • 00:13 Intro
  • 06:00 Welcome Ryan! How did FTTM start?
  • 11:20 Starting a business
  • 14:55 Social Media
  • 19:45 Running a business
  • 29:05 Spearfishing sharks



  • 45:50 Spearo influencers
  • 51:20 Sending out free gear
  • 57:15 Funny stories




  • 01:03:55 Your spearfishing story
  • 01:09:40 Buddy diving
  • 01:18:35 Your favourite designs




  • 01:27:10 Noober Shark Stories
  • 01:35:15 Sharks and noise
  • 01:38:10 Thanks for being on the show Ryan!

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