Interview with Feargus Callagy

Mad chat about spearfishing and freediving in Ireland with Feargus Callagy! Seals, Basking sharks, becoming an Instructor under Umberto Pelizarri and how the ocean is good for the soul were a few of the highlights. Listen in:)

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04:40 Feargus Callagy Introduction

10:00 Apnea Academy Freediving Instructors Courses

17:00 What Feargus’s Spearfishing looks like around Ireland

27:00 Funny story confronting a seal (accidentally) in a cave

29:00 Freediving with Basking Sharks

36:00 More info on spearfishing and freediving conditions in Ireland

47:00 What films and books have inspired you?

50:00 Spearfishing/Freediving: How the Ocean is good for the soul

56:00 Spearfishing clubs and communities in Ireland

64:00 What’s in an Irish Divebag?

70:00 Spearo Q&A

Interview with Feargus Callagy Freedive Ireland

Interview with Feargus Callagy Freedive Ireland

Feargus Callagy in a Freediving competition

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