Interview with Gerasimos Kavvadias

One of Greece’s best spearo’s joins us for a good chat about last years spearfishing world championships. We also talk about Greek spearfishing and he shares some of his ninja spearfishing hunting techniques. Gerasimos Kavvadias (Jerry) also shares some good insights into what a spearfishing mentor really is. Perhaps you don’t need to have a close relationship with someone in order for them to be an effective mentor. Jerry’s enthusiasm and passion for spearfishing and the Greek spearfishing lifestyle come through loud and clear and despite English being his second language, Jerry communicates very effectively in this interview. Listen in here!

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Gerasimos Kavvadias Interview Time Stamps

3:00 Jerry’s spearfishing background. Corfu spearfishing beginnings and learning from his Father.

6:00 Trial and error spearfishing. How Jerry overcame some obstacles + a few mentors and what mentors are.

11:00 “Jerry what was your most memorable catch?”

16:00 What is your favorite spearfishing hunting technique and how do you apply it effectively?

20:00 Veterans Vault: Competition Scouting

  • What are the common techniques or strategies?
  • What are the main considerations?
  • Search patterns, using electronics to your advantage
  • How do you understand when fish will be at your marked spots?

31:00 What is one of the funniest moments you have had spearfishing?

36:00 Toughest situation on the ocean?

40:00 From head to toe, what is your spearfishing equipment?

41:00 Spearo Q&A

  • What is the single biggest thing you’ve learned during you’re 30+ years spearfishing?
  • What is the single best piece of advice you have been given for spearfishing?
  • What does spearfishing mean to you?

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