Podcast Tips, Accessories and Hacks To Master Your GoPro for Spearfishing

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Finally an episode dedicated to using a GoPro for spearfishing! This episode covers everything from after purchase to post edit GoPro use.

About this episode

We start the episode in the studio, with Turbo and I giving a run through on some of the common questions we get asked and then offer some creative advice about how to solve these problems. We discuss;

  • Water on the lens
  • Fog in the housing
  • The GoMask and other mount techniques as well as some of the challenges

After that we put some media production questions to our Producer Pat Dwyer. Questions we ask Pat include;

  • Where can we find music to use (legally) for our YouTube Spearfishing Videos?
  • What is B-roll footage?
  • How do we capture and use the B-Roll footage in the editing stage?

After that we move on and discover some hard core hacks and tips from Cripps and Takka, the couple behind Underwater Ally Productions. This information combined with Turbo’s Tips provides a tonne of information so that hopefully you can skip some of the lessons many learn the hard way.

We finish off with a big discussion with Aaron Chasse. Aaron’s one of the guys involved in the SpearHeads spearfishing video collaborative who operate mostly out of Florida. In this part of the discussion we focus on essential accessories, settings, and working together to a plan to create good spearfishing films.

See below for all of the links, accessories, and other items discussed in this GoPro for Spearfishing Episode!

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Pat’s Links for discovering music for your spearfishing videos

Essential GoPro Accessories for Spearfishing

First up in the GoPro section we talk about some essential additional products, mentioned in this section were (Product Links – Some are affiliate!);

  • Double Power Wasabi Batteries from Amazon here
  • 32 GB Fast SD card here (and a 64 fast one for extreme people here)
  • Head Mount Strap here
  • Tray Mount (Ikelite option here)
  • GoPro Hero5 Black here
  • GoPro Hero4 Black here
  • GoPro Hero4 Silver here
  • The Go Mask here+ multi-adapters to modify your own mask here
  • Gun Mounts are specific to your speargun of choice
  • Watch the SpearHeads Video here about GoPro Mounts

If you have any issues or challenges that we didnt discuss please put them in the comments or reach out to us here

If you enjoyed this episode listen to the full episodes with Jessie Cripps and Michael Takash or Aaron Chasse’s interview here

Other Stuff Discussed in the show

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