Interview with G.R. Tarr

Monster interview with Florida legend, G.R. Tarr! Equipment pioneer and local legend, G.R. created and runs Red Tide Spearfishing. In this chat he shares crazy tales, awesome tips and insights. Enjoy! https://link.chtbl.com/n52RRXie

G.R Tarr has been spearfishing since 1965 so there are just a few tips and bits of info in here. He’s influenced our sport in many ways. He pioneered the tuna clip float line pull and clip technique for landing big fish. He came up with the idea to make the semi enclosed track hybrid speargun. He created and runs RedTideSpearfishing.com. Leave your thoughts about this interview in the comments below:)

G.R. Tarr the Red Tide Savage

Important Times

04:30 GR Tarr Introduction and a bit about Red Tide spearfishing

6:00 Thinking about and making spearfishing equipment

12:00 The Semi-Enclosed Track Speargun

21:50 GR’s first days spearfishing

23:25 How do you teach and acquire new spearfishing skills?

27:00 Spearfishing Ethics and Mindset

36:00 How do you get calm? How do you reduce your heart rate?

41:50 Competitive running and breaks from spearfishing

54:00 Veterans Vault | Travel Spearfishing

  • How do you plan and prepare for trips?
  • Bluewater Spearfishing and learning where to go and target them
  • Spearfishing guides and acquiring knowledge
  • Moon Phases and specific species
  • Divers, how many and who do you take?
  • Food and hydration for dive trips | the banana fallacy

82:00 Scariest Moment Discussion

85:00 Speargun Shafts Discussion | Making Shafts for Specialist Spearguns

87:10 What’s in GR Tarr’s Dive Bag?

Massive discussion on;

  • Carbon Fiber Fins
  • Reels, Belt Reels, Stringers

101:40 Spearo Q&A

 G.R. Tarr the Red Tide Savage Monster Wahoo

Links Mentioned

Connect with G.R Tarr at;

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