Interview with Wally Galli

Today’s interview is with Wally Galli! An ex-South African, owner of GT Diving and Marine living in Port Hedland, he tells us the stories about meeting future legends like Rob Allen, some memorable dive trips he done over the years like St. Lucia and a bit on his part of helping Robbie Peck when he got attacked by that Bull Shark. We also hear about some of the history of the NW Spearfishing Club, how he helps get new spearos started, spearfishing competitions and making diving and spearing his business. Wally is unable to hide the passion in his voice when he speaks about diving and spearing, if you’re ever in the area make sure you pay him and his shop a visit!

Important times:

  • 00:13 Intro
  • 06:35 Welcome Wally Galli! Where did you grow up?
  • 08:10 St. Lucia spearfishing
  • 09:50 Do you miss South Africa? Meeting Rob Allen
  • 11:10 Rammed by a Great White
  • 14:25 Tell us about your shop: GT Diving!
  • 15:35 Helping Robbie Peck after he got attacked by a shark
  • 18:15 The shark attack seems to have made business quiet

  • 20:35 The coldest Spring into Summer in Port Hedland
  • 22:30 Port Hedland spearfishing and the NW Spearfishing Club + competitions
  • 25:55 I am a complete noob and I walk into your shop: what do you do to get me started?
  • 28:00 There’s always a spot on my boat, just bring your dive gear and we split the fuel between everyone

  • 33:30 Taking on and teaching Noob Spearos
  • 35:50 Everyone needs to know how to operate the boat
  • 39:00 Carbon vs plastic fins
  • 41:05 Support your local dive shop!
  • 43:00 Where can people find GT Diving?
  • 47:10 Thank you for taking time to be on the show!
  • 51:30 Outro

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