Interview with Harry Foster – the Master Chef Spearo

Today’s interview is with Harry Foster, the Masterchef Spearo! Apart from being an exceptional chef, he is also an absolute frother when it comes to spearing and has a passion for connecting the catching to the cooking. Learn some chef skills that every spearo should know, what kitchen utensils you should have and the biggest mistakes spearos make with fish in the kitchen! We’ve included two of the recipes mentioned in the show so you can go have a go yourself!
Whether working as a chef on a remote island or out spearing or even just taking pictures, he has a wealth of knowledge on the natural world and the animals that live around him. His Instagram stories will show you exactly what we mean. We think you will enjoy today’s episode and we hope that you will try the recipes! Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

If you haven’t seen his Instagram page yet, do yourself a favour and go look! Also check out his website for some amazing recipes!

Hazfos freediving

Fish wings 2

Important Times:

  • 01:00 Joe Murphy message
  • 02:05 Old Man Blue voicenote
  • 04:30 Welcome Harry Foster, how did you begin spearfishing?
  • 05:58 Diving in Far North Queensland
  • 07:42 How far away are you from the Great Barrier Reef?
  • 08:55 The appeal of inshore reefs and bad conditions
  • 10:02 What made you a hunter?
  • 11:43 Dealing with saltwater crocodiles
  • 14:56 Early obstacles
  • 16:30 Northern Freediver Facebook group
  • 17:56 Spearfishing culture and the reason for the Noob Spearo podcast
  • 20:10 Shooting his first footballer

Harry and his Footballer

  • 22:50 Harry’s spearfishing ethos
  • 23:36 How did you get into photography?
  • 24:52 Getting great shots
  • 27:03 What has been your photography journey and what about Instagram?
  • 29:44 Catch cook videos
  • 30:50 The trouble with film making
  • 32:28 What do you spend your time on?
  • 35:21 You’ve accomplished a lot, let’s talk about your chef skills
  • 36:00 How did you become a chef?
  • 37:26 Connecting the catching with the cooking
  • 39:12 How to get great quality fish
  • 41:08 What is the process of caring for your catch?
  • 44:48 Dry aging
  • 46:02 Slurry tips
  • 48:20 What to do when you get home
  • 51:16 What chef skills that every spearo should learn?
  • 52:26 Using the whole animal
  • 53:54 Using more of the fish
  • 55:30 99 Spearo Recipes
  • 56:48 Where to find Harry
  • 57:50 Kingfish Ceviche
  • 61:54 Octopus preparation
  • 65:06 Great advice for cooking
  • 35:38 Caring for the catch
  • 66:22 My Octopus Teacher (My Octopus Teacher: The Sequel)
  • 68:03 What’s in your gear bag?
  • 70:00 Funny stuff
  • 71:54 First Spanish MackeralHazfos' tattoos
  • 73:25 Spearo Q&A
    • Marine tattoos
    • Favourite dive buddy
    • Spearfishing in one sentance
  • 77:52 Thanks and goodbye


Tandoori fish wings

Tandoori Fish Wings

Tandoori fish wings

kingfish Ceviche

Kingfish Ceviche

Hazfos sitting by the sea

Instagram Hazfos nsp157


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