Interview with HECS Aquatic’s Warren Bird


A fast paced Q&A about the HECS Stealth System Wetsuit Technology

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The HECS Aquatic technology came on our radar about 12 months ago and we’ve watched as its progressed. After 6 or more of our former guests all started wearing and benefiting from the HECS technology, we thought it was high time we reached out and got Warren on the show. We also reached out to the Noob Spearo Community on Facebook and got a hefty number of questions and so we ask them all in this chat. Standout for me in this episode were some of the other lesser known benefits of the suit such as greater warmth factor and durability. Have a listen for yourself and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

HECS wetsuits Spearfishing technology

Hecs Aquatic Episode Time Stamps

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HECS Aquatic. Does it work? The latest in spearfishing innovation

10:00 Warren Bird Introduction

Part 1 The HECS Technology

  1. What is the Hecs technology? Alex Hill “Can you get him to explain the hecs technology because I have heard a lot of people swear by it but I can’t fathom how it works”
  2. What is the faraday cage? How does it work?
  3. Where did it come from? This question from Simon Trippe “What the concept was originally thought up for? Spearing fish or something else altogether?
  4. How have you tested and proven this technology?
  5. Riley Elliot HECs demonstration video
  6. HECs Aquatic Site – Justin Lee Vid

Part 2 – The HECS wetsuit

  1. Warmth – seams, neoprene.
  2. Compression. Do they compress over time?
  3. Comfort – fit. Are the suits stiffer? What about range of motion?
  4. Range of motion. Spandex, carbon grid and integrating the technology discussion.
  5. Getting the suit on and off, is this a challenge?
  6. Durability: Padding. Is there a chest loading pad? If you rip a HECs wetsuit, how do you repair it? Is the tech compromised after tearing it?
  7. HECs suits 2 degrees Celcius warmer than comparable thickness suits.
  8. Function: I like the camo and camo seems very subjective. Does camo work? What are your thoughts?
  9. What has made you keep the technology in-house?

Hecs spearfishing technology. Get closer to marine life

Spearfishing world reception to HECs: Customer adoption curve. DISCUSSION

Spearos are infamous for not being early adopters to technology. Reelguns, roller heads, carbon fiber fins copped a flogging when they arrived on the scene and even the single barbed flopper tip. For spearfishing, innovation adoption has a funny track record. It’s a fact I wrote about a year ago for Adreno, here is the article about spearfishing innovation.

Looking at the about product adoption curve and thinking about where the HECS technology is positioned, where would you say you are?

Where do you fit on this bellcurve?  Image credit crazyegg.com


  • Is there any evidence to prove that the HECS suit gives the spearfishing hunter an advantage?
  • Is it true that HECS is not effective on all species? Spearfishing species don’t all use electronic signals for analyzing prey and food? Gio Vitale “Yeah I’m curious how the massive electrical output from a shark shield supposedly doesn’t effect fish but a tiny output from a human body supposedly does. Electricity diffuses quickly in water and fish only have a lateral line not ampullae of lorenzini… “
  • Can’t guys just become better hunters and not need HECS?
  • Does the suit afford an unfair advantage to the diver? And will this mean more fish are taken every year?
  • The crayfish/lobsters seem to be particularly influenced by the HECS technology particularly in the gloves. What is the wear like? How long do they last? Crayfish are tough buggers. HECS on Crayfish Video
  • If you are a crap hunter will HECS help you to shoot fish?

Which story or situation has been your proudest achievement with the HECS suit?

Hecs spearfishing technology. Interview with Warren Bird

More Listener questions

Peter McDonald Says “It seems HECS has a strong focus on underwater photography/research potential, however equipment such as cameras emit their own electrical signals that sharks and other animals sense (and often investigate), have you considered attempting camera/equipment covers to prevent any further interference created by these devices? And if not feel free to send me a L/4 Bluewater 3mm for the idea…”

Kabir Parker “Is there a new stealth screen coming out in the future. What’s happening in the future for HECS?”

Jon Stevens “David J Hochman and Nick Fazah had a discussion yesterday at the seminar about how HECS covers the electrical signals but not the heart rate and how fish read your heart rate. Perhaps a discussion on the podcast on what is more effective “covering electrical signals” or “keeping a low heart rate” and how fish read both.”

Find HECS here;

Former Guests on the show wearing the HECs suit

HECS Aquatic. Does it work? The latest in spearfishing innovation

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