Day 1 | Hike and Spear UK

The start of an Adventure, Setting off into the wilderness for 10 days of adventure, coastal spearfishing, foraging and wild camping. The day starts well with a good feed for lunch enjoyed with a view tucking into spearfish, seaweed and coastal plants, i then make my way off along the path to discover a ferry was closed due to covid so i had to get some unexpected miles under foot and walked until nearly dark. Setting up camp in a beautiful valley at the edge of a farmers field.

17.2 miles hiked.

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Sam Clothier “I started just south of Plymouth and finished at Hallsands both inside the county Devonshire, on the South West Coast of the UK.

Three highlights of the trip for me were;

  1. The Freedom – Of being free after an intense UK lockdown with no mask, no curfew and social distancing for fun not as a requirement. With no set schedule or place to be, enjoying my own company and time.
  2. Connection to the Wild – just hiking the coastline where i grew up and seeing that it is just as i remember, with plenty of nature, wildlife and good wild meals to be had.
  3. The Challenge – testing my foraging and spearfishing capabilities, proving to myself that i have the survival knowledge and skill to keep myself healthy and fed in the wild. All whilst hiking with all the gear i need.

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