Day 3 | Hike and Spear UK

After a goodnight sleep and true to my word i woke up and jumped into the water, the vis was okay and the temp was a fresh 12 degrees. I manged to bag a nice pollack then shortly after taking a tasty bass too with either a skilful or incredibly lucky upside-down rushed shot. Once i had these two i headed out of the water and stumbled across a pair of ray bans… Nice. I got onto the rocks and began filleting, still wet i began eating the pollack as sashimi dipping in soy and wasabi as i pleased. The Bass was saved for dinner as a pan fried meal with a side of freshly harvested sea lettuce salad. I had made my way to another beach and was excited knowing that from that day onwards the winds should drop off and i should be onto fishier waters. I settled down for the night enjoying a perfect sunset.

7.8 miles hiked.

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