Day 5 | Hike and Spear UK

Packing up camp on my perfect little beach to head off onto the next ground, i stopped at the shops in the morning to buy some ingredients for some dish ideas i had come up with overnight. I hiked and hiked destined for my prized spearfishing spot, sadly when i arrived there were some drunk people on the beach, fearing the worst for my gear to be left on the beach whilst i go and spear i decided to move on cross the estuary and seek solitude. A bloody long hiking day i foraged some goodies along the path and made a foraged veggie spaghetti that was enough to keep me fuelled for the mornings dive. The beach i camped at was absolutely perfect and quiet it had a fresh water stream and i was stoked to see what kind of underwater ground it might hold.

17.8 miles hiked.

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