Day 6 | Hike and Spear UK

The heat of the morning sun woke me in my tent, i chilled on the sand after breakfast debating when to get in the water, i had already decided after yesterday’s effort and a couple of blisters forming i would have a day rest to prevent them from getting out of control. Finally, i made the call jumped in the water and got my spear game on, despite not seeing much and spooking a giant bass. I made my way to some slightly different ground the vis was on my side but i came across a pollack which i bagged to secure some lunch, then i came across a flatfish i shot straight down on it, it bounced out i scrambled to reload the gun whilst keeping an eye on the fish, placing a second shot onto it before it coming off a second time. i decide to go after it with my hands. I secure the fish and celebrate for a good 5 mins that dinner would be on the cards. Dinner with a sunset.

Another beach bum day with 0 miles hiked.

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