A question I get asked a lot is: “Rhys I see you out diving all of the time, but you’ve got 3 kids, how do you do it!?”. Whilst it is true that having a family and spearfishing might seem impossible, it’s actually a lot more achievable than you might think. There is a few small tweaks that you can make that will really help to maximize your time in the water:

1.  Support your partner

Your partner’s happiness needs to be priority number 1. Because after all, who else is going to watch your kids from dusk to dawn on a Sunday while you head out diving? I do everything I can to help my partner do her sports/hobbies as much as possible (CrossFit in this case), this might mean picking the kids up from school or helping them to get ready in the morning while she goes to training. The main takeaway is to make your partner feel like they are supported in what they love because it will always come back around.

By prioritizing your partner’s happiness and assisting them in pursuing their passions, you’re fostering an environment of reciprocity that enables you to pursue your own pursuits, such as spearfishing.

2.  Prioritize Spearfishing (over all of your other sports and hobbies)

Firstly, you have to drop the notion that you will have enough time to go spearfishing and still do all of your other sports and hobbies.

You want to go spearfishing more? Well then spearfishing needs to be priority number 1 (ok well after your partner and family).

This might mean having to quit JiuJitsu, stop surfing and even cut out meeting the boys at the pub on a Friday night. Anything that remains will need to be tangential and spontaneous. Instead of spending 2 hours at crossfit each time I go to training I will squeeze in a quick 30 minute park workout each week. Remember: your time is limited so make sure to use it wisely.

I have always loved the idea of learning to Kitesurf, but the reality is it would take away 1 day per week and I would need to choose between Kiting and Spearing (of course spearing wins for me).

how to go spearfishing more

Two family men doing what they love

3.  Do the Mahi (work) to get the Mahi

Spearfishing is a lot of work, you are up at the crack of dawn and back sometimes as the sun is setting. I don’t know about you but I usually just want to go straight to sleep after a big day out. Well it’s time to “pucker up buttercup” because there is stuff to do: gear to washdown, fish to prep, a car to unpack. Don’t expect any help from those close to you. It’s time to roll up your sleeves and do the mahi, this might mean not finishing until late at night and having a terrible post-spearing headache the next day.

Guide to get out spearfishing more

A sunset fileting session followed by a drive home in the dark, all for the love of diving

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, juggling the demands of family life and a passion for spearfishing may appear challenging, but with a few strategic adjustments, it’s more achievable than it seems. The key lies in fostering a supportive partnership that values each other’s interests and endeavors. By prioritizing your partner’s happiness and assisting them in pursuing their passions, you’re fostering an environment of reciprocity that enables you to pursue your own pursuits, such as spearfishing.

Moreover, it’s crucial to reshape your priorities and acknowledge that to fully embrace spearfishing, certain sacrifices may be necessary. This means letting go of other sports and hobbies, recognizing that time is a limited resource. By committing to spearfishing as a primary focus, you’re making the most of the time you have, and any remaining activities become supplementary and spontaneous.

Lastly, spearfishing entails significant effort, from early mornings to late nights spent cleaning gear and prepping fish. It’s a testament to the dedication required to balance the thrill of the sport with the responsibilities of everyday life. While it may involve hard work and late nights, the satisfaction gained from a successful day out on the water makes it all worthwhile. Ultimately, with thoughtful adjustments, a supportive partnership, and an unwavering commitment, the seemingly impossible task of reconciling family life with a passion for spearfishing becomes a reality.

About the author:

Rhys Clay is a family man, Spearo, YouTuber (No Viz Adventures) and Surfer from the Sunshine Coast in Qld, Australia. Rhys loves spending time in the water and bringing home a feed for the extended family. Rhys has recently launched a niche spearfishing product business called Jolly Roger Spearfishing, you can check them out here: jollyrogerspearfishing.com.au

Jolly Roger Spearfishing

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