Interview with Australian Spearfishing Champion Ian Puckeridge

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This interview with Ian Puckeridge aka ‘Pucko’ has been a longtime goal for Turbo and I. Pucko is a multiple time Australian and New Zealand spearfishing champion as well as representing Australia over a long period of time in international events. With 40+ years spent spearfishing, an 83kg Dogtooth taken with a Pranger, 5m great white encounter in terrible vis and finding thousands of dollars in casino chips in Sydney Harbour this makes for an entertaining and interesting interview.

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Quick Overview of Ian Puckeridge’s Interview

3:00 Getting started in Bondi, Sydney. Limited instruction, jumping straight in off the rocks.

4:00 Adam Smith underwater hockey connection and becoming interested in spearfishing

5:00 The start of competing in spearfishing competitions and a bit of personal history competing

Paul Reardon Tips from South Australia

8:00 Memorable fish. Losing a 150kg Marlin with a pranger + landing an 83kg Dogtooth Tuna

10:00 Hunting Technique: Swimming up current and locating bait.

14:00 Scary moment: 5m Great White Shark in dirty water. The White Pointer was ‘as round as a car’ and came in after he shot a 15kg (30lb) Yellowtail Kingfish. ‘Looked like a nightmare from the bottom’ he said.

18:00 Ian Puckeridge Veterans Vault – Spearfishing Competitions

  • What does an Australian Spearfishing Comp look like? What is a common format etc?
  • What makes a good comp diver/pair?
  • What are some crucial personal traits?
  • What are some of the different formats for spearfishing competitions around the world?
  • What would you most like to see changed in the spearfishing competition formats?
  • What are some good tactics or strategy to follow on a comp day?
  • What comp result are you most proud of?
  • It looks like your son Aaron is a chip of the old block – do you see him competing like you have for so long and so successfully?
  • What is a good setup for young guys just wanting to start in spearfishing competitions?
  • What are some good tactics for people starting out in comps?

Some big takeaways

  1. Scouting the area – knowing what fish will be there on the day
  2. Planning your drop points
  3. Knowing the species and relative points associated
  4. Swim 5-6 km before you start diving some days!
  5. KISS – Ian’s go to is a 1.3m Railgun single rubber, float and floatline.
  6. Spearfishing Competition result most proud of – Becoming the 2007 New Zealand Spearfishing Champion.
  7. Still diving in recent years in the same comp with 70 year old kiwi spearo John Ross

35:00 Funniest Thing: Finding $35,000 casino chips on the floor of Sydney Harbor and ungracious Police

38:00 Divebag: Torelli Gear. 1300mm Speargun, always uses a float and floatline. Penetrator Fins

42:00 Fast 5 Facts For Noobs

  1. Dont wear too much weight
  2. Always use a float and flag
  3. Dont dive deep to get good fish
  4. Always dive with a buddy
  5. Be aware of entry and exit points

43:00 San Souci Dolphins in Sydney is Puckos home spearfishing club. It is a great place for guys just starting out, former guest on the show, Simon Trippe is also a member.

Ian Puckeridge interview. Noob Spearo Spearfishing Podcast

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