Interview with Jim Russell

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Monkey Face Prickle Back state record holder Jim Russell….wait a minute. What? Monkey Face Prickle Back? before we continue this is what they look like.

Jim Russell Noob Spearo Spearfishing Podcast. Monkey Faced Prickle Back spearfishing catch.

Jim with two fine Monkey Face Prickle Back

That’s right Jim Russell from North California joins us and gives us a full orientation to spearfishing in North California. From conditions to species as well as insights into equipment, local clubs and hunting techniques this is a phenomenal chat with a top bloke:)

Jim was super humble when I reached out to him through social media and was very forward about telling me he’s ‘just a weekend warrior’. Well that’s sometimes exactly what we like here at the Noob Spearo and despite Jim’s protests hes a super knowledgeable and experienced spearo with plenty of knowledge that we didnt have before speaking with him. Listen into some bloody good banter about spearfishing in North Cal.

Red Triangle Spearfishing Jim Russell on the Noob Spearo Podcast

Get in touch with Jim here

  • Instagram here
  • Youtube spearfishing channel here
  • Jackson Kayak Blog here
  • Orion Coolers here
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Jim Russell Noob Spearo Spearfishing Podcast

As Discussed in the show + some of Jim’s recommendations

  • Jim’s spearfishing Kayak here
  • Jims Kayak paddle here
  • Best Cooler (esky/chilli bin) recommendation for most spearos here
  • Check out NorCal’s own superstar spearfishing artist Amadeo Bachar here
  • If you dive NorCal, check out NCKA.org here
  • The comp Jim helps run called DOTY (Diver Of The Year) can be found here. DOTY is a really fun yearlong comp that challenges divers to target different species all along the NorCal coast, and keep an online log of their personal bests.  Some great prizes donated by generous sponsors listed on DOTY site. Proceeds go to our Pay It Forward fund that my buddies and I started in 2010 to help members of the Norcal kayak angling/diving community dealing with cancer, serious illness or tragedy. So far we have raised and donated over $80,000.
  • If you are visiting NorCal and looking to dive, post your intro on NCKA or on NorCal Underwater Hunters here
  • This online resource here is for pics of all of California Coastline…this tool combined with Google Maps and Navionics App can really help give divers ideas of where to explore:
  • Jim’s Viral Vid and Personal best Vermilion here
  • Jim’s favorite NorCal Species here
  • 3 Online Tools to Help you Find Spearfishing Spots here

Mentioned in Turbo’s Introduction

  • SpearGun Making Page on Facebook here
  • Stonedem Spearfishing video here
  • Spearing Magazine on Insta here
  • Adreno Spearfishing on Facebook here

Jim Russell Spearfishing Male Sheepshead

Jim Russell Interview Important Times

6:00 Jim’s intro and his background. Monterey spearfishing!

10:00 Early obstacles. Equipment, clubs and mentors.

15:00 Most memorable fish – Monkey Face Prickle Back spearfishing species

Spearfishing Hunting Technique – Cave Hunting with light

27:00 Abalone Diving in Nor Cal

40:00 Toughest Situation in the ocean

44:00 Veterans Vault: Location in focus – North California

  • Diving in kelp. Seasonal variations
  • Water temperature and Viz
  • Species and techniques
  • Locations and equipment

70:00 Funniest Moment + info on Jim’s viral video (3.5 Million views) link above

78:00 What’s in Jim’s Dive Bag? Check out the links above

88:00 Spearo Q&A

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