Interview with Josh Humbert

Kamoka Pearls, hyperventilation, visualization for spearfishing and even a severe code brown story! This interview with Josh Humbert has a hell of a lot of nuggets in it and not just brown ones. We discuss his early beginnings in the ocean and encountering a complete lack of information which resulted in a near miss that helped him to take his approach to freediving and spearfishing a little differently. I seriously encourage you to listen into an experienced waterman share some hard won tips and insights in this Noob Spearo Podcast interview.


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Abardon Tahiti Josh Humbert


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Josh Humbert Interview Timestamps

13:00 Josh’s background and early beginnings in the ocean and spearfishing. He caught his first fish at 2 years old!

22:00 Early obstacles – lack of information. Hyperventilating and a near miss

29:45 Most memorable fish

33:05 Portland spearfishing – species, prevailing conditions, issues, and places to go

Hunting technique – bottom time approach on Jacks

49:25 Scariest moment

55:40 Veterans Vault – Visualization for Spearfishing

  • What is Visualization?
  • How does it apply to spearfishing?
  • What are some of the benefits of visualization?
  • How do you do it effectively?
  • What does your visualization process look like?
  • How long do you spend doing this?

66:10 What is funniest moment you’ve had out spearfishing?

70:50 What is in your spearfishing divebag?

72:30 Spearo Q&A – Turbo’s Turds

  • What does the spearfishing mean to you in one sentence?
  • If you had to start spearfishing all over again, what would you do differently?
  • What is the spearfishing destination that you haven’t visited that you would like to?
  • If guys are going to dive Tahiti where should they go?

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