Interview with Josh James

The first interview of 2021 had to be awesome so I got Josh James Kiwi Bushman on the show! He has a frothing following on YouTube where they create motivating and inspiring short films with a hunting and fishing and family flavor. All of the videos feature Josh’s friends and family and the abundant wild food that surrounds them in New Zealand. If you are into Catch and cook, bushcraft, hunting, gathering, spearfishing, fishing, archery, and New Zealand culture, you will love his channel (link here). He’s a self professed good vibes and positive vibrations kind of guy. Enjoy this episode!


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Young fella with Speargun. NSP:146 Josh James The Kiwi Bushman

Important Times

04:00 Josh James Introduction and Background

12:40 What parallels have you found between hunting on land and hunting in the water?

13:30 Bow Hunting (Recurve vs Compound)

16:30 Spearfishing in the South Island of New Zealand

20:45 1080 Situation in New Zealand

28:15 How to Grow a YouTube Channel

Quiet New Zealand Back Country Hunting with Josh James Kiwi Bushman

Quiet New Zealand Back Country Hunting with Josh James Kiwi Bushman

29:55 When did you start fishing and spearfishing?

31:40 What were some of the obstacles you encountered when you started spearfishing?

34:15 Muppet’s on YouTube | Dealing with the Comments, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

39:25 Josh’s Spearfishing Equipment List

45:50 What is on your spearfishing species dream list?

NSP:146 Josh James The Kiwi Bushman

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