Interview with Josh Pederson from ThisOceanLifeTV

Josh joins me (Shrek) to give the lowdown about how to take a kid spearfishing but that’s not all. He recounts a recent adventure bluewater hunting for the first time and shares some of the key takeaways from his trip. If you are into water sports along with your spearfishing then you need to meet Josh. He interviews watermen and women from multiple pursuits like SUP riding long distance, surfers, and more on his show called ThisOceanLifeTV Podcast – check it out….right after you listen to this interview!

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Time Stamps

10:40 All about Josh’s show ThisOceanLifeTV Podcast

17:00 The love affair with all things water begins

21:00 Recent bluewater trip chasing Bluefin Tuna. Key takeaways and the anticipation.

37:10 The challenge of spearfishing with a focus on central California. Species, water temps and seasonal variations.

Crucial RESOURCE mentioned: Sea Foragers Guide to the Northern California Coast

The Sea Forager's Guide to the Northern California Coast

45:00 How do you deal with Leg Cramp? Endurolyte type tablet on Amazon here. Building leg strength in the gym also helps reduce cramp spearfishing according to Josh.

52:00 Hunting Cabezon tips. Often searching shallow yields the best fish. So wear a little extra weight and stay just outside the breaking surf zone. Josh recommends using a pole spear and keeping your body super compact.

57:45 Toughest situation in the ocean for Josh was paddling out into huge surf and not having a large enough board and more importantly multiple exit points. His advice is spending more time planning and checking your ego at the door.

64:00 VETERANS VAULT: How to take a kid spearfishing

  • First up: What is a good rule of thumb for minimum age/capability etc?
  • What crucial things do they need to know before they hit the water?
  • What rules do you give them to keep them safe?
  • What do you let them do?
  • What kind of location is ideal for taking kids out?
  • How do you get them to shoot that first fish?
  • Do you need to help them frame the experience?
  • What kind of things are important to teach them about spearfishing with regards to hunting ethics, valuing the ocean, respect etc?

Josh Pederson talking about how to take a kid spearfishing

93:00 What has been your funniest moment out spearfishing?

97:00 Spearo Q&A

  • “Spearfishing is an intimate connection with the ocean.” – Josh Pederson
  • Dave Bennei is Joshs favorite person to go spearfishing with.
  • The White Sea Bass is a future goal fish for him.

So check out Joshs Podcast at https://thisoceanlifetv.podbean.com/

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