Interview with Larry Gray from Penetrator Fins

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Larry Gray is the creator of Penetrator Fins and has been spearfishing for years. This interview was a long time coming,Turbo and I had both been motivated to talk to him since we started the show. We start the interview asking Larry about Gold Coast diving conditions and what it was like for him to get started spearfishing there. Then we get into some shoredive snapper tricks, foot pocket advice, marketing hype, the nature of composite fins and how to choose a good set for yourself. If you are planning on buying new fins, want to know more about fins or have a mate in the same boat, Larry shares some great insights and personal experience with us about selecting the right tools for spearfishing.

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Larry is also a fireman, family man and an avid spearo himself. He sneaks out spearfishing as often as weather, time and work will allow.

For fast navigation through our interview with Larry Gray, here are some major moments

Intro: All about growing up spearfishing on the Gold Coast, local conditions and the lifelong obsession

7:00 Snapper tricks

10:00 Losing your buddy – that scary moment!

13:00 Veterans Vault, with 25 years experience working with composites we ask Larry to spill the beans

– Composite Fins, soft/medium/hard?

– Getting the most out of your fins

– What are the defining characteristics of a good set of fins?

– Foot pockets. Mares Razor v Beuchat Mundials vs Pathos

– Carbon barrels and Roller Guns, construction, manufacturing + pros and cons

36:00 Normally our Fast Five Facts for Noobs but in this interview Five Shades OF Gray

38:00 Crucial Kit for Noobs – Larry is Firefighter and with his background in emergency services points out the clear need for spearo’s to carry a good first aid kit. Check this one out below

Better yet check out this dedicated Marine Adventure First Aid Kit – Be prepared for the next emergency by taking steps to get a good first aid kit on board

To learn how to use a first aid kit, do a first aid course like this one that Turbo and I did

Edge Spearguns, Penetrator Spearguns, Penetrator Carbon Fins

Show links and how to find Penetrator’s Larry Gray

In the show Larry talks about how essential it is to have a good finning technique for spearfishing. He recommends listeners watch Ian Puckeridge in this video of Aaron for a look at a good finning technique in action. The video shows Aaron Puckeridge taking down the Junior World Record for Green Jobfish (Uku). Watch Ian’s finning technique closely.

Getting your breathing right is one of Larry’s ‘Five Facts For Noobs’. He references this video by Erez Beatus and Simon Trippe to get an understanding

Penetrator on Facebook is a cool page to find updates, his customers catch’s and more information.

If you are interested in checking out Larrys fins and other equipment such as Carbon Roller Guns and Underwater Hockey Fins go here.


Penetrator Competition Sposorship

Penetrator Competition Sponsorship

Fins ready to be printed and cutIMAG0392


Penetrator 110 Roller Carbon Fibre

Penetrator 110 Roller Carbon Fibre

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Thanks for listening!

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