Live Seafood Cooking with Daniel Mann!

Today’s LIVE interview is with Daniel Mann and we are cooking seafood at Adreno Brisbane! Join us for tips and tricks from Daniel as we process, cook and eat some amazing fish! From carpaccio, ceviche with a mystery species to reverse butterflying and BBQing fish! This is the audio of the night, the video does it far more justice. We will post that as soon as it’s ready! Sit back, relax and get hungry with us as we get a seafood cooking masterclass from a legendary spearo and chef!

Here is the LIVE STREAM from instagram part 1 & part 2!

Download the digital version of the 99 Spearo Recipes Cookbook!

Here is the GoFundMe page to help support the Interpacific Spearfishing Team!

Important times:

  • 00:13 Intro
  • 03:30 Welcome Daniel Mann!
  • 04:55 Daniel Mann’s first thoughts
  • 06:05 Raw fish! Hygiene matters!
  • 09:10 Instagram live stream starts here! Let’s make carpaccio
  • 11:50 Raw fish intimidates people
  • 13:15 Evangelizing the spearfishing world with a pissette!
  • 15:30 Serving the mystery shashimi! Which knife should I use?
  • 26:20 Using all the fish
  • 28:20 Mystery fish revealed!
  • 33:25 Fish wings
  • 35:40 Let’s start cooking!
  • 39:05 Butterfly fish
  • 40:30 Dry aging
  • 42:20 Filleting a fish: what tools do I need and how do I reverse butterfly a fish?
  • 51:45 Barramundi recipes
  • 55:30 Hunting Barramundi
  • 59:55 Let’s get into this carpaccio!
  • 01:03:10 How do you know when the fish is finished cooking?
  • 01:08:00 Let’s feed some people!
  • 01:11:40 Revealing fish species!
  • 01:13:40 Barrumindi taste test
  • 01:15:10 Audience Q&A: how do you hunt Barramundi?
  • 01:22:04 Thank you for coming out tonight!
  • 01:23:35 Outro

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