Louie Van Senden, spearfishing writer and drystore co-founder

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In this interview with Louie Van Senden we go deep into finding and hunting the Australian Mulloway or Jewfish. Mulloway are similar in some ways to the American White Sea Bass or South African Daga Salmon and can be found in shallow water and make a memorable spearfishing catch. Lots of Louie’s information comes from his experience viewing them unmolested in marine parks and spending some time researching and observing the behavior and habits of these fish. Listen into this interview to learn more about finding and hunting these fish.

Mulloway or Jewfish Spearfishing Tips


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Louie Van Senden also shares his 7S’s Diveday Checklist with us. This checklist helps him to never leave a fin at home!

Briefly they are;

  • Sink, weight belt
  • See, mask and snorkel
  • Swim, fins
  • Shoot, speargun
  • Stab, knife or knives
  • Stay Warm, wetsuit, booties and gloves
  • Survive, float (buoy) and floatline at a minimum

We also talk about fish behavior and Louie shares a story about making and deploying his first FAD (fish attracting/aggregating device). As usual this interview has its fair share of laughs and some stories that we can all learn from.

Luoie Van Senden Noob Spearo Podcast. Spearfishing Downunder Magazine Covershot

Louie Van Senden Spearfishing Downunder Magazine Cover Shot

About Louis Van Senden

He is a Western Australia based spearo who is one of the most widely published Australian spearfishing writers. I have been reading Louis’s articles for a long time. He has published articles in Spearfishing Downunder Magazine, International Freediving and Spearfishing News, FishLife magazine and more. He’s also spent some time abalone diving and I ask him a few questions about this experience as secretly I think many spearfisherman harbour desires to work full-time in the ocean. We also talk about his company drystore which specializes in selling outdoor waterproof bags and big cooler bags which come in handy for pelagics.

I have just recently purchased a 10L drybag as they are essential for keeping equipment dry while out spearfishing. I use mine for stuff like phones, cameras, car keys etc.

Louis continues to write good spearfishing articles at drystore and if you want to learn more about finding and hunting mulloway check out his article about that here

Louie Van Senden Noob Spearo Podcast. Snapper talking spearfishing with Shrek and Turbo

Big Snapper

For fast navigation through Louie Van Senden’s interview, here are some major moments…

2:00 Early beginnings – spearfishing on flat days to keep up fitness for surfing

First buddy (Jack) and the competitive friendship that began spearfishing in Sydney

3:00 Yellowtail Kingfish vs Early Undersea Woodie that encouraged the switch to a South African style Rabitech Speargun

5:00 Home made FAD, early stories

9:00 Louie’s Favorite Spearfishing Hunting Technique – Watchers vs Swimmers

11:00 Scary moment, tidal waters and current – a must listen

17:00 Veterans Vault – Mulloway aka Jewfish, Finding and Hunting them

Tonnes of good advice, from the benefits of observing them in a marine sanctuary and studying their behavior through to the equipment that will help you get one home to put in the pan.

32:00 Funny moment, naked line fisherman

34:00 Whats in Louie’s Divebag – Head to toe, the regular equipment he’s using

43:00 Fast 5 Facts For Noobs

45:00 Listening in to the old experienced hands

47:00 All about Drystore

Louis Van Senden Aimrite Team Member Profile Page


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