Interview with 4 Marine Scientists

This chat is a panel interview with 4 people passionate and highly educated in Marine Science. We chat about fish fecundity, parasites, equilibrium, threats to the ocean, and best of all, how you can get involved making our oceans healthier. Listen in to a great yarn:)

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  • Irene Middleton: Currently completing a PHD in Marine Biology. Specialist in Weird and Unusual Fish Species Research. What’s that fish FB Group in New Zealand.
  • Libby Liggins: Lecturer at Massey University. Also spears a wee bit. Marine Biologist.
  • David Aguirre: Libby’s Husband: Invertebrates Geek. Spearo as well. Marine Biologist.
  • Blair Herbert: Fish Nerd and gatherer of weird and wonderful species.
  • Isaac aka Shrek (Host): Hopefully asks a few good questions:)

Marine Science for spearfishing Interview

Important Times

04:30 Personal Introductions, Specialties & Passions

09:00 Whats that Fish Facebook Group | tracking fish species and range data using crowdsourced info

13:55 Aging fish. Otoliths and other methods

16:30 How Marine Scientists like Libby, Irene and David collect and collate the data

18:20 What are the changes Scientists are observing in the ocean and its inhabitants?

21:30 Purple Urchin | Decimated Tasmanian Abalone. The Kina/Sea Urchin Barren Phenomena

28:30 Basic Marine Biology Concepts

  • Equilibrium and Marine Ecosystems
  • The Food Chain in the Marine Environment
  • Governance and how people interact with the ocean

33:10 How can spearos get more involved in helping good ocean management?

  • Join your local Whats that Fish or Redmap and share your catch information

36:30 Shifting Baseline Phenomena

39:00 Researching Bait

45:30 Parasites and Disease in Fish and Marine Species

57:35 What do Marine Scientists think are the biggest threats to the Marine Environment?

62:30 Where can people connect with you guys

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